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House kitchen border stickers 1m = S$15.00 Self Adhesive PVC Wallpaper border Home Decor For fast transaction and safer shopping. Check out my shop on Shopee! AmorShopSg: All design available at the link above. For quick and fast transaction please purchase from link above. Item pre order Payment verified will take 5-7 workingdays [Promo] - Comes with express shipping will take 8-10 working days Free Normal shipping will takes 4-5weeks PVC sticky wallpaper wallpaper from waist lines to stick the line that play a base anchor outseam high-grade post-it note Max Size: 10 meters long and 10 cm wide min size: 1m meters long and 10 cm wide Description Buyers Guidelines There will be a little colour difference, product colour is closer to the real shot, colour deviation is caused by various factors. It's not quality issue, please take it into consideration before buying. Usage Instructions Tools (card,knife,cleaning cloth) and products clean up the surface Align the initial position of the selected object. Align the final position of the selected object, cut out the right length. Repeat the steps until enough. All products are ready. Peel off the backing paper, about 10cm Align and stick to the right place. Smooth with a card when peel off the backing paper. Smooth the corners of the sticker. Done! Vintage , peranakan , Mediterranean , mix , decor Designer Classic Hipster Modern Portuguese Wallpaper Tiles Sticker Home Decor Installation External service Per hour - $20 💝GOODLUCK💝 🚢 Free Normal shipping Delivery 💲FOC ⏳ 3-4 weeks 🚢 Express shipping Delivery 💲12 ⏳ 8-10working days Code:2017sngo.223187/po