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[SELF DEFENCE] Buyer N Flip Flop 6x Within 2 Days Of Dealing...NOT IMPRESSED !


1 year ago by juz.carouseling




Buyer N did an UNTRUE tit-for-tat reply to my negative feedback (see pic#1&2) on her wall, which is a totally lie. LIE#1 - "Seller called to chit chat next night". First of all, I don't called (I assumed you mean physical calling) any buyers. Even if I do, you - Buyer N - will never be in my list to waste my phone bills on ! I have never met you, neither you are my regulars, who I will chit chat with if I have time ! Just in case you are not aware, most of the time, my buyers were the ones who messaged me to make queries or chat ! Definitely, you were not in that list that I will approach you to chat, after all I am not that free ! See all the screenshots in my other post/listing - keyword to search "FLIP FLOP" - you are always the one who started "sis, may I change this you that .."....was I the one to message you ? Really ? Seriously ? LIE#2 - "Seller has another site & want to block me out." I DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER SITE that I dealt out of. Juz.carouseling is my ONLY site that I dealt out of and it already keeping me very busy (in addition to my other schedules) and I can never possibly manage another site ! I rather spend quality time with sincere buyers to share how to grow edibles properly (please read my feedbacks) than trying to generate lots of sales with poor results at Buyers' ends. I rather see nice healthy plants at my Buyers' place, those scenarios will make me very happy ! Yes - anyone with right frame of mind would have blocked you out after 2nd, 3rd or 4th flip flops ! (Pls do a search - keywords "FLIP FLOP" in my listing to read the full story of this FLIP FLOP Buyer with screenshot attached). You changed your mind 6x within 2 days of dealing & probably every 2 hours or less of my awaking hours ! It is already reasonable and very patience of me to entertain you ! (Btw, I wrote that post with the intention of adding a new T&C - not to slam Buyer N as her identity was never released until now). In any case, why would I block you when my last statement says - "I will wait to see if you are really committed to deal at the beginning of July" ! Your claims are baseless ! I even messaged you on 1st July to tell you I will be free to meet after 2 pm and you didn't even response ! Maybe you are the one who blocked me instead ! LIE#3 - "Then when arranging timings so that I can collect, but she said cannot." and "If change timing so that I can go collect also cannot, how to collect". Hello ? What are you talking about ? Do not say I never allowed you to change timing - I have allowed you to change timing 5 times before I told you to stop flip flop, even in a very nice tone. However, you started all the drama nonsenses after talking - about dying, trust etc, and that was my limit ! Please don't say I not kind, compassionate or patience ! YOUR STATEMENT is totally UNFAIR ! Remember - I am a Seller not your nanny or paid coach/counsellor ? In any case, I do not mind giving you a listening ear (if I have time) to hear you out if you like to share anything outside our deals, which I did ! However, do not blackmail me emotionally and be abusive after I hear you out and for that I will put my foot down ! I AM FAIR & FIRM ! LIE#4 - "Suddenly demand deposit" - this clause already stated in my profile long time back for PO/RESERVATION OF ITEMS MORE THAN 48 hours ! If you have collected all items before 22 Jun, that is within 48 hours since we dealt on 20 June. However, you have asked me to reserve my LAST in-stock seedling tray till 1st/2nd July. That is already more than 48 hours, which of course, you will need to place deposits to secure the items and that is, MIND YOU, my last piece ! This is exactly to prevent flip flop buyers like you, who will bill, do a MIA or no show on me and I will have lost opportunity cost if someone wants to buy that last tray while waiting for us to deal (FYI - 3 persons showed interest in that same tray I reserved for you while waiting for you to deal), so please be reasonable in your comments ! Hence, please do not say "SUDDENLY" because it was NEVER a "suddenly" intention ! LIE#5 - "Her place is so far". On 18 Jun when you first messaged me, I have guided you how to get here (see pic#3 & 4). The journey is less than an hour (about 33 mins on Google map) by bus. I advised you what bus to take and where to find the bus at your end after you gave me your postal code ! I gave you very clear direction & you said you understood ! On one of your flip flop incidents, I even asked if you know how to get here and your reply was affirmative. You have made your offer on 20 Jun, which is 2 days after, which I assumed you have considered my location carefully before you decided to click on that "Make Offer" button ! I have accepted your offer after ! Hence, it is UNFAIR now to turn your back and say my place is "FAR" ! You knew my location BEFORE you make your offer - IT WAS AN INFORMED AND CONSCIOUS DECISION ON YOUR PART ! Gosh ! Btw, I doubt anything is near to you, even your other buyer - from Chai Chee/Bedok to Tampines is far ? Let me tell you something - some buyers came from Pioneer to my place and back to Jurong, just to pick up their items ! Some even came from CCK to my place and home, just to pick up 20kg+ of stuff via public transport ! These are some examples of decisive and sincere buyers I met and have and I truly appreciated them ! LIE#6 - "Seller got angry easily" - Really ? Read my feedback if you haven't ! Patience was one of the words that was used very often on my feedback wall ! Hence, it is UNFAIR for you to make such a statement ! On what basis ? ANOTHER UNFAIR & SWEEPING STATEMENT ! After 6x flip flopping with our meet-up timing, you mean I have no right to get angry ? Stop wasting other people's time even if you are damn free ! You are unreasonable in your flipping flopping of meet-up timing - making so many changes within 2 days - check the timing of your requests and you will see - the shortest time you took to change your mind is 18 mins ! Btw, I have every rights to get angry and I personally feel is very accommodative of me to give you 6 chances rather than 2 or 3 ! Hence, it is also UNFAIR to say that "I AM NOT ACCOMMODATING" ! LIE#7 - "Seller is not honest". Seriously, I am not sure which statement is this related to. Maybe you can enlighten me ! If not, you are just using this term loosely as a tit-for-tat reply to my negative feedback on your wall and it is a sweeping statement of my character, which is UNFAIR ! Please refrain yourself of making such sweeping statement without proof, you can be sued and claims can made against you if you have done damages to the character and the loss of income of the said person ! Think carefully before you act ! If you don't understand this, pls go buy some law books and read them ! To conclude, WHAT BUYER N's REPLY TO MY NEGATIVE FEEDBACK ON HER WALL DOES NOT STAND ! As you said before, you are a Christian and your mum told you not to lie. Why are you fabricating so much inconsistencies in this ? Our conversation screenshots are in the open. Just in case you are not aware - I did not even give away your identity in the first place until you replied to my feedback on your wall making untrue claims ! This posting is just merely to state all the facts so everyone knows and it is also a way to protect myself since you are doing damage to my reputation, which is priceless to me ! Just a word of advice - after all the flip flopping and drama you had given me, all I wanted was a sincere apology and we can move on or off from there. I can be gracious in my dealing, after all, just a loss of sale from you. Nothing serious ! Like I shared before, I am here to "nag" people in growing our own edibles and I am not commercial ! Anyway, this whole episode, of cos, did not end well because YOU LIED about me in your reply, which I decided to take action and write this posting ! [BUYER N - If you are reading this, I suggest you remove your reply to my negative feedback on your wall ! I hope you still have a conscience and do not aggravate this matter further !] All - PLEASE DO NOT DEAL LIKE THIS - BE DECISIVE & RESPECTFUL OF OTHER PEOPLE'S TIME ! Let's make Carousell a pleasant place for all of us to deal ! Thank you for reading this ! Have a cool blessed day !

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