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Ready stock ☺️😊 In Korea Within two days sold 80,000 Break a new record ~ ​​~ Perfect Skin One Shot Stick Foundation SPF 50+/PA +++ Three-in-one Moisturizing Stucco (Foundation + Sunscreen + Concealer) Is South Korea's first star Jenny House "own production, a sale by a lot of heroic hot pursuit, a stick foundation can replace the base cream, sunscreen, foundation 3 steps. Lightweight, breathable, silky hydrating base with high coverage that make your skin become a beautiful flawless airbrushed finish without any stickiness. It helps to keep you looking and feeling your best through any season. Its high coverage, great adhesion and long-lasting formula that leaves your skin looking virtually flawless without a trace of heavy foundation after blending like a natural born beauty. ➡️🌟 two shades to choose from: ✅No. 21 Light Beige ✅No. 23 Natural Beige #megasales #carousell #koreabeautyproduct #makeup #concealer #sunscreen #grabandgo #amazing #convenient #oneshotfoundationstick #importfromkorea #lightbeige #naturalbeige #lightweight #beauty #

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