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SG: Du Shu Lang Series|读书郎*Simplified Chinese|HYPY*age 6-12岁 Author: Mdm Soh (Origin: Local -- SG) Following the success of I can Read Series, Author Mdm Soh created this Du Shu Lang 读书郎series that cater to older kids from 6 to 12. It comes in 5 series with different topics, each with gradual difficulty that further encourage reading. Every series has 6 books, each with 1 story, wordings are in big font sizes with hanyu pinyin for difficult words only. At the end of each book there are questions that encourage the child to think, follow by a list of new words learned. Series 1 科学篇 (6-8岁) 毛虫和蝴蝶 蝌蚪变青蛙 海马爸爸 小壁虎找尾巴 狡猾的狐狸 牛和马 Series 2 道德篇 (7-9岁) 动物比本事 公鸡和母鸡 霸道的螃蟹 交通灯在争吵 萤火虫找朋友 自私的蜗牛 Series 3 : 名人篇(8- 10岁) 王戎辨李子 韩干画马 小秀才 借光读书 关羽和周仓 诸葛亮喂鸡 Series 4: 科学篇 (9-11岁) 爱放屁的臭鼬 鲑鱼还乡 水底花园 最大的鸟 白头鹰教子 企鹅的生活 Series 5 道德篇 (10-12岁) 野鸭和家鸭 兄弟分家 谁割了牛舌头 拾金不昧 鹬蚌相争 扁鹊看病 Price: S$35.00 (Per Series) Recommended age: From 6 to 12 years old Welcome to our facebook to check out latest collections and promotions! To view all our books and purchase direct, please visit To purchase this item via Qoo10, please visit

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