SHARING/GARDENING - After-thought Sharing Of My Conversation With A Regular Buyer


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Buyer T has been a regular buyer of my gardening items (& other items but mostly gardening stuff) since I started encouraging Carousell users to grow our own food for consumption. In fact, she is one who spurs me on from time to time ! Of course, along the way, we shared stories of our garden and what, why and how. We learnt from our exchanges. This time Buyer T wanted to buy Pandan Leaves & Lemon Balm plants. I normally sell plants without pots & MOG as some of you may have your own preference - plant in the ground, plant in your current pot with available MOG as well as your own choices of MOG (and I dislike seeing pots stacking up high in some corners - wasteful resources). Hence, I do not want to impose my opinion/recommendation of MOG on you. Of cos, I will tell you I sell them too and will reference you to those feedbacks/listings from my current MOG users, who are delighted from their experiences with the good quality of my MOG & came back to share with me. At the same time, I do not want to use cheap, recycled MOG since I hope what I sold to you can grow, bloom and feed your family & you can eventually build a garden full of healthy edibles out of them, so in the long-run you can save on your groceries bills. (Gosh...I still cannot believe one lemon is almost $3 & one not-so-fresh avocado is $3+...tough seriously !) Unfortunately, my MOG - premix and compost - as well as pots are not free, I need to buy them from suppliers. TBH, compared to those big nurseries, I do not have economic of scale & I do not have the capital nor space to buy and store a load of these materials required. (In fact, I believe one of them even manufactures their own pots). Hence, I will take what is commerically available and pass on their pricing. (Just like the plastic containers you have to pay when you tabao your food !) Most of the time, what I charged are the plants that I grow. (FYI - I worked only on PAID pre-orders from now on) As they are organically grown, so it takes time and efforts to nurture them to right size and conditions before I hand over to new owners. I cannot rush through these processes as I am not God (and I am OMO aka no helper) ! Since it takes time and organically grown, the price will not be basement cheap (like $5 for a 70 cm tall holy basil with fresh MOG & pot - sorry I am still sore from that unpleasant incident, so I need to rub it in here 😉) - Yes, no "Little India" prices can be found here, pls go pass without stopping if you are looking for those prices ! Most important of all, I believe my prices are more than very reasonable, given the time and efforts used, in addition to those water bills and compost I have to use on a regular basis. I explained these and the differences between my "handiwork" and commerically available plants to Buyer T. She understands, so here you goes - a pot of pandan plant and lemon balm, along with fresh pre-mix & compost, off they went with her to their new home. I am glad they found a new owner & am sure Buyer T will take care of them well. In our sharing today, Buyer T also told me about the effects of those chemically latent fertilizer did to her plants, I was shocked - her plants eventually died, actually quite immediately after she used it - exact words Buyer T used. 😓 So, think & understand what you are doing is the best solution before you act, after all, it takes time & efforts to germinate a seed ... Grow it into a seedling and to a plant. A split second decision can result in re-work. As always, it was nice meeting you again, Buyer T ! Thanks for your sharing & kind support ! Thanks for reading ! Happy gardening ! Be blessed !