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No stone were left ungrinded by this MOG supplier of mine. This pic says it all & added to the rest of my collection of comments from other buyers ! MOG (Medium of growth) is very important to the health of the seeds and plants. It can sometimes mean life and death to the plants. Some MOG "burnt" plants - of course, you may see a nice boost and eventually they will wilt off and die. Have you ever wondered​ why ? Some ended up with funny growth that doesn't look like the plants you thought they were supposed to be. Some have foreign objects in the MOG itself and not safe to work with naked hands. (If you need examples, do let me know). As for these MOG of mine, I worked with bare hands (if you are fussy, especially with dirt under fingernails, you can still wear a pair of gloves) because I prefer to work quickly. One buyer even commented that my hands do not look like my age and I am working in my own edible garden and packing these stuff for buyers at least 2-3 times a week with bare hands. This is probably the result from chemical-free MOG used ? I have been using these stuff myself, after many rounds of brands changing from the MOG I bought from markets, Pasar Malams to those very atas brands purchased from all places. For now, I am sticking to these and for good reasons. All these MOG from this supplier are organic as they are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, i.e. all its manufacturing processes are subjected to a strict management system to ensure the quality of its products are of the highest standards. Through my experience and understanding of each materials, I have started to amend the pre-mix to suit all the regular seeds'/plants' needs, even though the original contents are good enough, but I wanted to add value to buyers as part of my services. Through sharing on this platform, some buyers have benefited from these MOG. Those screenshots are some examples. This supplier's organic compost has undergone a period of pasteurization/sanitation at above 55°C for no less than 12 days. This is to ensure that all pathogens, weed seeds and soil bacteria are destroyed. Their product does not emit unpleasant odours and is 100% free of pests & harmful bacterias​. (As some of you have asked, did I homemade these compost ? No, I didn't. I have attempted to make my own compost in the past but I created other issues in my garden which caused me lots of headache to clear up after. Moreover, I cannot achieve this consistency of cleanliness and softness, so I prefer to buy from this supplier). In addition to products mentioned above, this supplier also manufactured biochar, that can retain the nutrients of the compost in the MOG longer. You can have a chat with me if you are interested. As a service to all, I will guide you how to use these stuff. These MOG are sold by per kg except biochar by per pack basis. Please pm to tell me your requirements. Postage is possible via Smartpac box. Pls clarify if any questions. Thank you for viewing !

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