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SHARING/GARDENING/EDUCATION - Gardening Not Only Good For Our Health But It Can Be Good For Our Soul Too


10 months ago by juz.carouseling






This is a repost as per request of a buyer.... I remembered I had a few oversea colleagues (one from USA & two from European countries) in town for meetings. My colleague (another European colleague based out of Singapore) and I took them to lunch and on the menu there was this Black Chicken Tonic Soup. My oversea colleagues looked at me and said - really ? Black Chicken ? Thereafter, all my foreign colleagues started to come out with different conspiracy theories on how Chicken became Black and even I told them there is such thing as Black Chicken in this world. Of course, in the end, I had to lug this group of men to then-Carrefour in Plaza Sing for some cultural orientation ! Quite a hilarious incident ! 😊 I also remembered another conversation with my friend, who said she was thinking of rearing some chicks at home. I asked her why such thinking, she said my sons starting to think that chicken is white, featherless, without a head and born out of the freezing shelves in some supermarket. We both laughed and felt blessed to be born in an era that we could see real chicken running around in our own neighbourhood. Why such stories ? For those of you with kids especially, gardening is not just putting food in your table, nice plants to scent or decorate your house, but also a way to learn and educate ourselves or the kids in addition to bonding time. Normally kids are very sharp, sometimes they just lack of vocabularies, especially very young ones, to describe what they see. However, they normally can remember what they see and probably will understand when they are older or you bother to research and explain to them and they will be in-the-know. Many of my understandings were borne out of observations & researches. Through observations, we formed our own theory of understanding on how things work. Like the lady fingers in the picture, many would think the "fruit" aka lady finger was born like a balloon slowly filled with air but actually it is the other way around - the plant has to first flower, then another 'skin' slowly compasses the flower to form "fruit". You can always shoot time lapse photos to capture a moment at a regular timeframe, so you can share and learn together with your young ones. Hence, gardening is definitely more than putting food on the table, but also food for our soul, which can help all of us to grow and expand our horizon ! 😊 Happy gardening ! Have a blessed weekend ! (PIC/IMAGE IS MY OWN & IS SUBJECTED TO COPYRIGHT !)

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juz.carouselingThank you very much for your 4th (not 3rd wor 😊) purchases and fast deal ! Appreciate your commitment as well as your kind compliments ! 😊. I am glad I am of help to you ! Enjoy ! Be blessed !
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