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SHARING/GARDENING - Giving Your Plants Right Kind & Amount of Nutrients Is Very Important


1 year ago by juz.carouseling








We give our kids, ourselves and parents the right kind and amount of nutrients to help us grow along, stay healthy and age gracefully. If we are doing these to humans, why aren't we doing the same to our plants ? Some people commented giving nutrients aka compost diligently is not an important exercise - be it edibles, non-edibles, orchids, airplants, etc - and may not yield anything. REALLY ? Have you had any plants that are still alive but no fruits or flowers and the leave/stem colors look bad ? I am not sure where this person get the idea from, but for me and my plants, I will add my organic compost diligently because I WANT MORE HEALTHY PLANTS (less chances of getting bugs/pests attack- even if it is so, the plants still have a better chance of survival if I discovered it early) and yields better, be it fruits, flowers or offsprings etc. This is the same as humans. If we are very healthy, it is unlikely to get sick so often. If we do get sick, we recovered very fast ! If we are not healthy, we forever have issues getting on. Hence, it is your choice and your life how you choose to handle it as well as your plants ! It is the same choice I made for my plants and what my regulars wanted for their plants ! As for me, I do enjoy nice consistent views of flowering (and/or beautiful scent) in my garden, like these pots of orchids, nice healthy and blooming herbs and my big pot of roses and regularly harvest of my edibles, etc for food, just to name a few ! (You can scroll through the pics and see the examples of healthy plants I have) ! Yes, some plants will eventually die as we humans do. How long we live and how long our plants live, it is unknown to you or me, unless you are God (mind you ... think like God doesn't make us God!). Yes, some plants will and some may not die after giving birth to young pups or seedlings, no matter what it is just a nature process ! It is better for plants to beautfully flowered than not and to have many offsprings than not before they died ! Regardless, feeding your plants with organic compost regularly is a very important task to achieve healthy and happy plants ! Proven in my own garden and my regulars ! Just a note to add - In all fairness, if you have not try any of my products, please reserve your comments to yourself ! As you have no first-hand experience with them, it is NOT FAIR for you to say anything ! On wat basis are you saying that ? In any case, the sharings in my posts are contributed by my buyers ! It is their experiences they shared with me and I gratefully shared with a bigger audience ! I am just the executor of these sharings, why is there a need to shut down my buyers' sharings when you didnt experience the products yourself ? Did it occur to you that this buyer had been giving her airplants water bath regularly and nothing happened ? In any case, if you read enough airplant websites, they recommended giving airplants fertilizers bath on a regular basis. This buyer believes in using organic mediums for all her plants, so she chose to test the organic compost I supplied with her airplants and it happened that to bloom flower after her diligent hardwork (this flowering doesn't happen over one "spa treatment" just FYI), why is it not attributed to the organic compost she used rather than "shocks" the compost gave to the airplants ? Did it not occur to you that airplants do die if we do not use the right mediums to soak them ? You need to think again before you comment ! I hate to write post that ends like this, because it is unnatural of me as I am a friendly person. However, some readers have lots of time on hand and going around making unnecessary and untested comments that warrant a reply from me ! Anyway, thanks for reading and have a great weekend ! Happy gardening and be blessed !

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