SHARING/GARDENING - Good MOG Is Important For Seeds/Plants Growth


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This is the other story I would like to share. Buyer R bought 4 live sunflower plants about 3 months back. This was her first purchases with me. Buyer R sent me pics of the garden she planted the sunflowers in, unfortunately, the pic was not sharp and I couldn't see properly. Hence, I couldn't assertively conclude that her MOG needs to be improved. However, my gut feel and experience told me it is risky to plant them there. In the next few days, she started to report that 3 of the 4 plants didn't survive. Thereafter, Buyer R made a further order to grow another 20 live sunflowers for her. The worrisome me managed to persuade Buyer R to purchase 2kg compost upon handing the live plants over. I shared with her how to protect the plants using the compost she bought. A couple of weeks have passed. Now, she is coming back to buy more sunflowers to fill up her garden and she is including compost this time. 😉 As per the screenshot attached, she did not report any more recent sunflower casualties ! Thank God for it ! Also, Buyer R - thank you for going along with my suggestion ! I am grateful for that ! Well, like I shared before, MOG is a very important part of seeds/plants growth. Think before you take your next step. Happy gardening ! Enjoy !