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I have written about sunlight (pls type "sunlight" in my listing's search box to find article) as well as medium of growth (use these as keywords to search for article), now I am going to cover another topic of gardening need-to-know - water aka well-drained medium of growth. During many of my conversations with buyers, I realised that most of you have a misconception that well-drained medium of growth means I poured water into the pots, it should immediately come out from the holes at the bottom/side (assuming your pots have holes). I post back this scenario to the buyers - if I eat my meal now and immediately I run to do my potty biz, will I have nutrition in the long run ? This scenario applies to plants too. Plants get nutrients from their medium of growth. It takes time to convert to glucose, with the support of both constant supply of water and sunlight. If water immediately go to the holes, do you think it is enough time for nutrients to be absorbed ? General rule of well-drained medium of growth is 1-6" per hour. Any lesser is poor drainage and any faster is too quick. Water should slowly spread within the pot before it comes out from the other end. You may ask then much to water ? Like my first article (type "frequently asked questions" to search for article), there are no definite answer to that question. There are also many factors, such as sun, weather, pot etc, to consider when it comes to watering. You need to build your own experience as everybody's situation are different. All the best ! Happy gardening! Thanks for reading !