[SHARING/GARDENING] Patience ... Patience ... Patience ... - By Juz.Carouseling "Sharing Is Caring" Series


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I couldn't say more about patience in gardening. This is a good example of patience. Buyer M bought a pack of organic water plant fertilizers from me quite a while back. As I have warned her about the changes that her water lily will go through before it becomes stable and blooms. Yes, she nearly gave up (see pic#4) but waited waited and waited ...Finally the plant revived and bloomed. Yes, like curing diseases in humans, it takes time. Hence, seriously ... Pls be patience when you are doing gardening, especially when you are doing it organic, especially when you may not have the most ideal conditions for growing ! Sorry for being such a nag, but I have seen many buyers just jumped steps. Don't ..Think before you do it ! 😔 Be patience ok ? Happy gardening ! Thanks for reading !