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SHARING/GARDENING - Patience Pays Part 1 - Enjoy !


8 months ago by juz.carouseling






The question I kept getting when I posted my mulberry cuttings listing is - is it hard to root ? My typical answer is "No" but it depends on your growing conditions and what you used. Yes, exactly the same answer as seeds purchased ! 😁 This is another sharing by Buyer M today. She bought 3 Mulberry cuttings from me on 3 Jan 2018. On 7 Jan, the same day I shared my own mulberry cuttings that have started to fruit (before they grew lots of leaves) without any roots, Buyer M told me hers started to do the same ! On 19 Jan 2018, Buyer showed me her second set of pics (pic#2). Today, she just showed me the final sets of pics aka pics#3. Is it that difficult ? IMHO, no ! Buyer M would probably say no too ! 😁 Of course, Buyer M is patience and she has been diligently using the compost I supplied to aid the processes. So, like I said, it boils down to the growing conditions you placed the cuttings in as well as what you used. Same answer to your gardening question I guess ! 😁 Buyer M will be transferring her cuttings into pots tomorrow ! All-in-all, less than a month of work ! Definitely, patience and hardwork help ! Buyer M - Thanks for coming back to share ! I am glad to see your cuttings are beautifully rooted and ready to go ! Happy gardening ! Enjoy ! On a side note, please don't assume that plants do not take time to grow to a full size. These are handiwork I spent time to take care and manage. It is not easy growing them to a certain stage for consumption purposes, especially I am doing it organically - aka the slow and steady method. Please respect my price if you are a sincere buyer as they are very reasonable. This is a reply to a joker, who asked if it is possible to buy my two (at least) 3-year old mulberry plants, which are at least 1.5m tall, with another smaller plant, that is over 1 m, that I kept for at least 2 years, along with at least 5kg of mediums and a large pot for $50. Would you like to be paid $50 for at least 3 years of work ? It is not even worth the water bill or the amount I spent on compost, needless to say the time and efforts I spent on taking care of my plants ! If you intend to lowball me unreasonably, please do not waste time asking for pics or discuss because I can be extremely busy here. If you are damn free in the day, please go make yourself useful and do some social work. Thanks for reading !

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