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SHARING/GARDENING - TO KILL OR NOT TO KILL - Give It Time, Nutrients & Be Patience !


12 months ago by juz.carouseling








This orchid was dumped to me quite a while back (probably more than a year ago) as many people do not like to kill plants themselves or maybe the person thinks I can do something to save it. Whatever it is, I had no experience with orchids. TBH, I am still learning even till this day. When it arrives, all the leaves were infected, the roots were all rotten - soft and black. It was seriously very horrible looking ! I trimmed down to what I think is reasonable size (leftover) to survive - left a short stick (as per pic) and no root. During this time, I was figuring out how to nurse it back to health. With sheer determination, I continued to water and add my organic compost to this orchid every week, after 1 year (maybe more) of persistent work, finally, it loves me enough to start new growth - TWO not just one NEW SHOOTS ! Sometimes, you think your plants are bad and you would like to throw them away or kill them. My take is DON'T - plants have lives like we do. Even if you have "burnt" your plants using unsuitable materials/mediums/methods, you can still slowly adjust it back to life. You just need to change your habits, be mindful of what you used and maybe do a bit of cleanup, everything can be resolved. We just need to set out our own learning journey, be observant, be persistent and be patience. All will be well ! Thanks for reading ! Happy gardening !

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juz.carouselingThank you very much for your 4th (not 3rd wor 😊) purchases and fast deal ! Appreciate your commitment as well as your kind compliments ! 😊. I am glad I am of help to you ! Enjoy ! Be blessed !
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