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SHARING/HEALTH/GARDENING - After-thoughts Sharing Of PM's Lee 2017 National Day Message


11 months ago by juz.carouseling




I read PM Lee's 2017 National Day Message with interest today. On his 2nd point, PM mentioned that "it is much better for us to stay healthy and not to go to hospital at all" even though we have good doctors and hospitals. As a caregiver, I can share with you my personal experiences, it is REALLY NO JOKE TO BE SICK regardless of your wealth status. The quality of life is not going to be there, in addition to spend unnecessary time & money running around different healthcare establishments to get treatments. Hence, as the old adage goes - "Prevention is better than cure" ! One buyer, who works in a local hospital, shared with me recently that she is seeing patients getting younger and younger - some even as young as 30s or late 20s getting cancer. Imagine you just fresh out of school, starting your career, have a whole life in front of you, yet you have to deal with these nasty health issues ? I am sure this is not how we all want to live and want to live our lives to the fullest, right ? So, let's take care of ourselves, like what PM Lee's mentioned in his message "Each one of us MUST take responsibility for our own health. Each one of us MUST make the effort to watch our lifestyle and DIET, to exercise regularly, to drink plain water". I also read a very interesting article by Lindsey Galloway from recently titled "Five countries where people live the longest" - Japan, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland & South Korea were mentioned. All of them, except Singapore, have credited their population's long lives mostly to their diets (& probably lifestyles). E.g. Japan - copied wholesale from Lindsey Galloway's article from "Living to 83 on average, the Japanese have long had one of the highest life expectancies. Okinawa, often called ‘the land of immortals’, has been a global centre for longevity research, as these southern Japanese islands have more than 400 centenarians. Much credit for this has been given to the local diet, which includes plentiful tofu and sweet potato, and a small amount of fish. Active social circles among older residents and a strong community also contribute to lower levels of stress and a strong sense of belonging." Unfortunately or fortunately, Singapore was credited for our "miracle healthcare systems" in the article, even though it was mentioned that the population is getting more conscious by exercising more, which is a good thing but we still need to watch what we eat too ! One of the best ways is to take actions and start growing our own edibles as we can have better control what goes into the processes and hopefully we can eat fresh and saving some money along the way. The only time I hope we need to step into the hospital is when we need to do our annual checkups. Yeah ! Just for annual check-up ! You can read more about the diets of the other 3 countries in this link - - PM Lee's 2017 National Day Message can be found here - To conclude, pls join "Grow Your Own Food" Movement - Eat Healthy & Stay Healthy ! Keep well ! PS - For those who are trying to get well, don't give up and fight on. Also, do consider a balance diet with lots of fresh vegs. I know of people who had a good fight and still live on. The journey may not be easy but keep your faith ! You may get well someday ! Pls help me to circulate this message by clicking on "like" button, so it can reach more audience. Thanks, in advance, for your help ! Happy holidays ! Thanks for reading ! Be blessed, always !

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