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(Sharing) Nun Wearing Bikini 👙 holiday with Chief Monk in Hawaii 😱


Singapore See link for this Amazing Full Video 😱 香港宝莲寺高僧及比丘尼一起夏威夷享受日光浴,比丘尼穿比基尼露出大屁股 私家侦探在别墅录音听到“啪啪”的呻吟 Hong Kong Po Lin Monastery Chief Monk and Nun holiday in Hawaii and nun wear bikini showing her big backside  (For Sharing) 他化自在天波旬魔王的徒子徒孙败坏佛法 Bo Xun Demon King Grand disciple 释迦摩尼佛灭度前,他化自在天王(又称欲界天,天王【波旬魔王】来找释迦摩尼佛说”当你灭度后,我会叫我的魔子魔孙穿袈裟到你的寺庙里,破坏佛法,喝酒吃荤” Demon king say to Buddha” I will ask my disciples and grand disciples wearing Kāṣāya (robes of fully ordained Buddhist monks and nuns)go into your temple and eat meat, drink wine and fool around and destroy your Buddhism! 度了众生49年后,释迦摩尼佛对弟子说“我灭度后,要以戒律为师,不以人为师” After 49years of preaching Buddhism , it’s time for Buddha to leave this world, Buddha said to his disciples and fellow students, ”When I am longer around , believe only in percepts as your teacher and not man as your teacher” 以上香港宝莲寺(寶蓮寺)的高僧及比丘尼就是另外一个很好的例子:波旬魔王的徒子徒孙穿着袈裟进寺庙破坏佛法🙏 Above is another good example of Demon king disciples wearing Kasaya destroying Buddhism , Amittuofo 🙏

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2019 Jan

highly recommended seller, was able to meet me after work, very helpful and share some of his amulet experience with me.