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Phra Pidta Jambo 2 is one of the phim in the Phra Pidta Roon 3 TaiMak (Blessed for 3years batch). LuangPu Toh of Wat Pradoochimpee(Bangkok) had blessed these amulets from B.E.2521 to B.E.2523. Due to the mixture of two types of material namely, Nur PhongToop(Josstick Powder) and Nur Phong BaiLan(Burnt Palm Leaf), this piece of Phra Pidta Jumbo 2 appeared with the colour of rock. As such, it was named Nur Hin Krok(Mortar Rock) which are extremly rare in the Nur Phong BaiLan category. With such a rare colour tone, a piece in this well kept condition is definitely not easy to come by. It was send for the 28th September B.E.2551 amulets competition held at Siriraj Hospital and had secured a 1st place position. Without fail, it was won 1st placing on another major amulets competition in Pantip Sorng. 瓦巴魯清比寺 龍普多大師 (2430~2524.享年94歲) 2521~2523澎百欖葉版珍寶二必打 佛曆2521~2523年(西元1978~1980年). 黑色澎百欖葉版.出寺量34974顆 香灰版.出寺量2700顆 花粉版.出寺量3056顆. 此必打為澎百欖葉版 + 参有香灰粉,更加珍贵 得到第1名