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Phra Pidta Jumbo 2 Nur PhongTup(Josstick Material),one of the Phra Pidta amulets created in the Roon Saam TaiMak batches (3years chanting batch) which was blessed by LuangPu Toh of Wat Pradoochimpee from B.E.2521 to B.E.2523. Only a total number of 2700 pieces of this material was created. This piece shown above is one of the beautiful pieces which had won in many amulets competition. Its won a total of "Five Times-1st placing" and "Six Times-2nd placing" so far in major amulets competition in Thailand. 瓦巴魯清比寺 龍普多大師 (2430~2524.享年94歲) 2521~2523香灰版珍寶二必打 佛曆2521~2523年(西元1978~1980年). 黑色彭百欖葉版.出寺量34974顆 香灰版.出寺量2700顆 花粉版.出寺量3056顆. 此必打為香灰版 2013.6.30參加沙罵公佛牌協會侯巴村攏連哇賴頃佛牌比賽 得到第2名