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This is a Phra Pidta Kanok Kang Nur Phong BaiLan Takrut Kool (Double Takruts inserted) created by LuangPu Toh of Wat Pradoochimpee (Bangkok) in B.E.2522. Only a total quantity of 4000 pieces were inserted with 2 silver takruts for the Nur Phong Bailan material. The colour for this particular piece own a greyish tone with striped on the texture,it is also named as Nur Hin Onn (Smilar striped of the surface of stone) among the LuangPu Toh's amulets collectors. This is a piece which the feauture is clearly moulded and is maintained in a beautiful unworn condition. Without fail it had ever won with 2 times - 1st place position in major amulets competition. 龍普多大師2522火燄紋必打-雙達固澎百欖葉版 瓦巴魯清比佛寺 普多大師( 2524年圓寂) 泰音必打咖努慷 泰音“咖努“意譯即是紋路 大師此款必打佛牌2旁紋路有如火燄紋. 海外牌商又名火燄必打 火燄紋必打佛牌(黑色澎百欖葉雙達固版) 佛曆2522年(西元1979年). 出寺量 雙達固版4千量 泰國佛牌市場漂亮品相價格約在4萬到5萬泰銖 佛牌比赛得俩次第1名