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This batch of Phra Pidta was distributed for donation at the year of B.E.2521. During that period,it was when Wat Pradoochimpee, for the first time had collected the sum of 1 million thai baht(Neung Laan Baht) of donation fund. That's how the name of this batch of Phra Pidta Phim Ngern (Money) Laan (Millon) came from. There are 2 types of material used and each material type were inserted with either single or double Takrut. The quantities are as as follows: 1) Nur Phong Kesorn, single Takrut - 4,480 pieces 2) Nur Phong Bailan, single Takrut - 2,091 pieces 3) Nur Phong Kesorn, double Takrut - 294 pieces 4) Nur Phong Bailan, double Takrut - 548 pieces 5) Nur Phong Bailan (Phim Kammakan), 3 Takrut - 5 pieces Total 7,418 pieces This is a piece of Phra Pidta Ngern Laan Nur Phong BaiLan created by LuangPu Toh of Wat Pradoochimpee (Bangkok) in B.E.2521. It was inserted with 2 pieces of silver Takrut and was created 548 pieces only. This piece shown is one of the most beautiful pieces among the 548 pieces and had won a few times in major competition. Won three times 1st placing, once at major amulets competition at Sriracha in 19th April 2552. (Chonburi) 银兰比达佛,龙婆多瓦巴卢清批佛寺,佛历2521。经书灰双符管版本,只做了548尊而已。 这批佛牌被取名为银兰比达佛(银兰=百万)是因为相传在制造银兰之前,寺庙的香油钱并不是很多。 但自从寺庙督制银兰比达佛之后,佛寺的收入急速上升超过100万泰铢。相传佩戴此佛牌的信徒将不会有财务问题,在生意或事业都能成功,也是财富的象征。 此佛牌在泰国大型佛牌比赛中,共获得3次第一名。