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Phra Pidta Roon Plodnee is one of the phims in the Roon 3 Tai Mak Batch(Blessed 3 Years Batch). To find a piece with such thickness and beautiful condition is not easy nowadays. As seen from the photo, this piece was very well moulded and had maintained in an unworn condition. Without fail it had ever won a 3rd & 4th place position in major amulets competitions. 瓦巴魯清比寺 龍普多大師 (2430~2524.享年94歲) 2521~2523彭百欖葉版波你楊那必打 佛曆2521~2523年(西元1978~1980年). 此必打泰音"波你楊那" 意譯是楊那符文債還清必打 必打背面即是楊那符文 必打內有達固符管 黑色彭百欖葉單達固符管版.出寺量22040顆 花粉雙達固符管版.出寺量3000顆 花粉三達固符管版.出寺量10顆. 此必打為黑色彭百欖葉單達固符管版 2013.5.19參加沙罵公佛牌協會筍拉恰乾恰冷帕借公務人員中心佛牌比賽 得到第3名/第4名 当年师傅和信徒结缘时和信徒说原你没有債(債还清, 做生意的生意越做越好,上班的升职加薪,有得中奖等等,真的债务慢慢的还清和经济能力好起来,多年来奇迹不断,佩戴收藏都很好。这期牌师傅从佛历2521年开始加持到佛历2523年,属全功能牌,招财,生意买卖,人缘,贵人扶助,避险保平安都很好