Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers with Humidifying Functions KI-A60


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Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers with Humidifying Functions KI-A60 Features : -Purifying Capabilities on Sharp’s KI-A60 The KI-A60 is a multi-functioning purifier that is capable of serving many purposes in air cleaning and as such, brings much value to users. -Efficient High Density 25000 Ion Generator Equipped with the high-density Plasma 25000 ion generator, the KI-A60 will be able to perform purifying functions at much faster rates than the standard 7000 ion generator. This ensures a much higher efficiency in the air cleaning process and as such, provides a cleaner and conducive environment for resting in a much shorter time. -High Quality Filters The Filter provides high performance in capturing 99.97% of 0.3-micron dust particles. As such, Sharp’s air purifiers are thus, effective even against particles up to 8 times smaller than the PM2.5, ensuring the safety and protection for your loved ones against hazards that cause respiratory related problems. -Special Triple Deodorizing Filter An addition to this is the High-Performance Triple Deodorizing Filter which better enables the KI-A60 to rid of odors better than other models. The triple deodorizing filer does so in 3 methods, namely the Physical, Chemical and Enzymatic method and thus is better able to clear your environment from strong odors. -Plasma Shower The Plasma shower function on the KI-A60E enables users to clean up the environment from airborne viruses and microbes when activated. This is made possible by releasing as much as 1.5 times the number of ions from normal running to clean the air rapidly and provide a healthier environment.. -3 Types of Skin Rejuvenation 1. Moisture : Retain Skin Moisture 2. Elasticity : Enhance Skin Elasticity 3. Texture : Improve Skin Texture -Revolutionary Design and Enhanced Effectiveness A well-thought-out build for the KI-A60 ensures that it performs with higher effectiveness. SHARP’s KI-A60 Air Purifier thus grants users access to cleaner air and in a much shorter time with its revolutionary angled suction system and aerodynamic structure. -Humidifying Humidifying functionality on the KI-A60 helps to humidify the atmosphere to ensure that dryness does not cause irritation to the nose and throat. It also helps reduce dryness to the skin especially under prolonged periods in an air-conditioned environment. Thus, with the humidifier, users can enhance their resting environment so as to allow for increased comfort. -User-friendly Interface &Dedicated Sensors The KI-A60 also has a user-friendly interface that is intuitive to its users. This is also accompanied by specialized dedicated sensors to enhance a users choice of modes to run on the air purifier to clean the environment.