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Geronimo's family persuades him to go to the Pirate Islands for vacation. Never mind that the area is chockfull of dangerous, mouse-eating animals! As they approach the islands by hydroplane, a tornado causes the plane to crash into the ocean. Soon, they're all marooned on an island. Being the well-read mouse he is, Geronimo recalls a bunch of information about pirates --- including the fact that the ghost of pirate Silverpaw wanders the very island they're trying to survive on. At night, creepy, weird footsteps awaken Geronimo. Ghosts, pirates, sharks, giant this a vacation or is it Geronimo's worst nightmare? SHIPWRECK ON THE PIRATE ISLANDS is chockfull of pirate lore, survival tips, sailor jokes, and even a recipe for "pirate soup"! Get your child to read! Grab the book now before it is gone!