Share This With Friends White Princess Legs is a white skin foundation recommended for those who want to improve the appearance of their legs. If you apply it to the soft delicate skin around your knees or thighs, you’ll be amazed just how well the cream works to cover pores and leave only a pure white foundation that leaves you ready to take on the world. - Contains coffee extract and mate tea extract to revitalize your skin - Moisturizing ingredients such as arbutin and chamomile extract - UV protection up to SPF 10 Scent: Elegant white garden How to use: Squeeze a small sample of the cream out of the tube and apply it to clean skin. When rinsing, please use soap and water. Use on both elbow and leg Although individual needs for White Princess Legs vary according to the color you want and the size of your legs, you can expect about a one-month supply by only applying the cream in certain areas, or as little as two weeks if you apply it daily to the entire leg. Just remember though you do need to rinse after each use, swimming isn’t recommended as it may lessen the effects of White Princess Legs. #whitening #shirowakihime

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