Sir Alex Ferguson Hardback Book - Leading with Michael Moritz


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nett price Sir Alex Ferguson's new book - Leading, the most decorated manager in the history of football, it's fair to say that former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson knows a few things about leadership. In Leading, he reveals the secrets to his success - both on and off the field. A truly inspiring read, Sir Alex looks back over his 38 years in management and tells all about the key tools he used to cover everything from tactics to teamwork and hiring to firing. Covering some of the most pivotal leadership decisions he made during his long and successful tenure at Old Trafford, he aims to provide you with the knowledge of what it takes to make it at the top, whatever your career. Not only a great read for Man Utd supporters, but also for anyone interested in the psychology of management at the highest level, this is a collaboration with successful businessman Sir Michael Moritz that is full of hints, tips and advice for becoming a champion. Sir Alex Ferguson’s book co-authored with Sir Michael Moritz, chairman of Sequoia Capital is a winner and should probably be on top of every soccer lover’s wish list. Regardless of your knowledge of soccer — the book is well worth reading. If you are a diehard Manchester United fan who never missed a match, even if it started at 3 AM or if you are more casual, newcomer to the world’s greatest sport — this is a great book. MY JOB WAS TO MAKE EVERYONE UNDERSTAND THAT THE IMPOSSIBLE WAS POSSIBLE. THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT. Need I say more in my review of this amazing book? Well written, insightful and full with behind the scenes imagery, LEADING is “an inspirational guide to great leadership, from the most successful football manager of all time.” Sir Alex Ferguson is the Scotsman who managed Manchester United from 1986 to 2013 – a lifetime in the world of professional sports or any industry. For anyone interested in knowing what it takes to bring real world-class leadership to the soccer field (or boardroom) for sustained and successful period of time – this book is for you. Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the few professional soccer managers/coaches who accomplished this in his nearly forty years of leadership.

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