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Sleep Well Crystal Bag (SW002)


5 months ago by shimmernlight








You are purchasing for the exact pieces of tumbled crystals shown. Only 1 set available for $22 Note: If this crystal bag is sold out and you are interested in a remake, please note that prices may not be the same and could be higher or lower, depending on the size of crystals available. Each stone in the crystal bags are intuitively picked and matched to create a set of beautiful energy for your well-being. 💜This crystal bag is specially customised to comfort emotion and those who have trouble sleeping for smooth transition into a good night sleep while protecting from bad dreams. It helps to provide motherly comfort to your young one as well with the help of feminine moon energy. The energy is gentle enough even for very young kids. For Crystal names and individual descriptions, kindly refer to the image shown. **********************FAQs ********************** ❓What situation(s) can crystals help me with? Be it for love, prosperity, well-being, relationship harmony, work harmony, spiritual protection, fertility, beauty, attraction, meditation, or even combinations of the mentioned and the list goes on... Let me know your situation and what you need help with so I can advise you again. ❓How long does it take to customise? Depending on the queue and how tacky your situation is, duration can take about 1-5 working days. ❓How fast does it take effect? Based on the average clients’ feedback, it takes a month or so. Depending on individuals, it may take as short as few days to as long as a few months. Majority of our clients have feedback that they feel really happy and comforted as soon as they received them. ❓How does it work? Our crystal healing bags contain only pure divine light energy. Sarah is an Intuitive Healer and specialises in concocting crystal mixes based on individual’s energy. The crystal bags are created not just focusing on surface problems but the hidden root issues. All you have to do is touch it, carry it, interact with it or even just looking at it and the healing is taking place even without you realising. ❓How to use it? 1) Place in your handbag/pocket and carry them around 2) Place it on the office table where you can see, hold it whenever required 3) Use them as sleeping stones - Put them under the pillow or beside the bed (Only relevant for sleeping/ease anxiety stones) ❓Can babies use it? There is no age limits for using crystals. Many parents purchase crystal bags for sleeping and overactive energy issues. Do let us know if it’s for newborns or young children so we ensure the energy is really gentle. ❓Why can’t others touch my crystals? I’ve been asked many times. Reason being, crystals meant for healing purposes should be kept personal. We do not want to risk any transfer or zapping of negative energy that may cause you to become imbalance, dizziness, uncontrollable anger, light-headed etc. ❓Do I still need to cleanse them? When to cleanse? You do not need to cleanse it after receiving as all has been done. Cleansing will only be required every 2 weeks - 2 months depending on how you feel about your situation. There’s no fixed period to do so! Following your instinct to cleansing it is key! If you “feel” that it seems dull, go ahead. ❓How to cleanse? There are multiple ways to cleanse crystals using elements of fire, earth, water and air. I recommend running tap water from YOUR home in the day for about 30sec, followed by placing them under a place with sunlight for at least 1 hour. You are advised to visualise an image that the negative energies are leaving the cleansing crystal while light energy is being replaced, while running it under water. Do take note that there are some crystals that can't be in contact with water. For purchases from me, any restrictions will be stated in the listing. ❓What should I do after receiving it? 1) Hold them to your chest and say your name 2) Start with “Please...” and ask for positive aids you need help with (DO NOT say stuff you don’t want) 3) Remember to say “Thank You” once it’s done and you’re good to bring it with you on your journey 🌈 ❓Can I buy it for others? Definitely! Would recommend that if it’s for a friend, let them have first touch. Unless you are a parent/child buying for your young child/parent, of course it’s fine for you to touch it. 😊 ❓Is there anything else I need to avoid or do? Please refrain from bringing to hospitals or wake. Do not wash your crystals in public toilets, as these places are very Yin (negative). What I do need you to do is encourage you to trust my crystals. Even if you are a skeptic who just want to see if this sorcery works or you have no choice because you are buying out of desperation. Whatever it may be, please trust the crystals. Since you have purchased it, respect them and its ability. Or at least trust the people who have reviewed on the crystals. 💜 For more FAQs, click here:

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