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slime supplies clearance ! (items going less than $2!)


2 months ago by mich.uniquecorn




not all items listed in listing are in the picture so don be afraid to ask for more photos !! no fussy buyers and no negos unless youre really clearing them (mass purchase) ! wouldnt mind if youre not 100% int but want to know more about the items so we can chat too! everything listed is brand new in package! photo is my slime room full of junks so - 100x Fruit fimo canes (each for 10cents) - 100x Flower fimo canes (each for 10cents) - 50x Black Polymailers with seal (each for 5cents) - 60x Assorted normal/metallic coloured pigments (each for 80cents - normal/ $1 - Metallic) ❌ - 5x Fruit fimo canes (10cents each) - 5x 3g Pink metallic pigment (each for $1) / 3 sold - 2x 10pcs 2oz container (each for $1 , both for $1.80) - 2x 5oz-ish of microbeads (each for $0.50) - 2x Vaseline Lotions Cocoa (each for $0.80) ❌ - 1x Listerine Bright and Clean mouthwash 80ml (each for $2) - 1x Gilette Shaving Cream 200ml ($2) ❌ - 1x approx. 50oz microbeads ($6) - 1x Daiso Sweet Orange aroma oil ($1.50) ❌ - 1x Daiso Grapefruit aroma oil ($1.50) - 1x 8oz Transparent Perler beads ($4) - 1x 8oz Pink Neon Perler beads ($4) - 1x Purple tubular-shaped Confetti/Glitter ($1) - 1x Blue tubular-shaped Confetti/Glitter ($1) - 1x Green tubular-shaped Confetti/Glitter ($1) - 1x Green Iridescent tubular-shaped Confetti/Glitter ($1) - 1x 3oz White Iridescent glitter ($4) ❌ - 1x 2oz Lemon Yellow Powder Food Colouring (1.50) - 1x 2oz Peach Powder Food Colouring ($1.50) - 1x Purple Star Confetti ($0.80) - 1x Plain Blue Glitter ($0.80) - 1x Half-used Glitter Shaker ($1.50) - 1x Full 10oz Borax ($15)

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juney.loveGreat seller!! Overall,pleasant transaction.Thank more
1 year ago
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1 year ago
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