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**GREAT SINGAPORE SALE!!** INSTALL A SAMSUNG SHS-2920 AND GET TWO (02) FREE RFID STICKER TAGS!!! GET A LETTER BOX NUMBER LOCK WITH INSTALLATION AT ONLY S$30!! EXCLUSIVELY FOR OUR CUSTOMERS ONLY!! STOCKS ARE MOVING FAST EVERYDAY...!! WE APOLOGISE IF YOU MISSED YOUR DEAL! -------------------------------------------------- • Standard Package • 1) 01 X Samsung SHS-2920 2) 02 X Samsung RFID Tag 3) 04 X AA Battery 4) User Manual (English Version) 5) Limited Warranty -------------------------------------------------- • Cash & Carry • - S$150.00 nett pricing. (Self Collection ONLY during office hours. After office hours, STRICTLY with delivery only) -------------------------------------------------- • WITH INSTALLATION • 1) Standard Wooden Door Installation - S$80.00 Total will be: S$230 [S$150(Set)+S$80(Installation)] **Letter Box Number Lock - Add S$30 with installation. Exclusive for our customers!! Installation hour - 9.30am - 12mn After midnight installation is available for landed properties and new BTO estate. -------------------------------------------------- 2) Gate Installation - Chat to know more...! -------------------------------------------------- **FREEBIES - Free Delivery and **TWO (02) RFID Tag (Worth Total S$40) (RFID sticker tags will be given to buyer who confirmed with deposit within the same day of enquiry + FOLLOW and LIKE our item/s at Carousell...!) -------------------------------------------------- We thank all the wonderful buyers who have supported us!! • Ever experienced lost of keys and could not enter the house until family member came for your rescue or vice versa?? • Having elderly fell sick and cannot react to the emergency because nobody open the door?? • Tired of having a bundle of keys in your pocket? With this Samsung SHS-2920 digital door lock, door keys are history! Make this a talk about piece of technology in your home!!! • Delivery • - S$15.00 (Office Hours - 9.30am - 6.00pm) - S$20.00 (After Office Hours) • How to install yours today? Only 4-5 easy step...! 1) Place a deposit to reserve your set. 2) Select a date for installation. 3) Installation Process 4) Enjoy your new digital lock...! and 5) Receive your FREE tags if you confirm your deal within the same day of enquiry...! Samsung Ezon SHS-2920 SAMSUNG DIGITAL DOORLOCK SHS-2920 / manual door / lock / doorlock / Local Installation Service / Smart Door Lock / Digital Door Lock / RFID Tag / GSS / Great Singapore Sale / Mortise Lock / Push Pull / Auto Door Lock / Electronic Door Lock / BTO / HDB / Built To Order / HDB / Gate / Metal Gate / Security / Alarm / Fire / Fire Alarm / Number Lock / Letter Box / Mail Box / Gate Lock / Metal Gate / Pad Lock / Change Lock / Locksmith / Keyless

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Office Hours - S$15.00 After Office Hours - S$20.00