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Conditions: - 100% brand new - 100% authentic - Super clean and neat as they are in vacuum packs for duvets - Bought in 2017 Details: - 20 Smartpac Boxes - Each could be used for mailing up to 3kg - 300 x 190 x 70(mm) What it is: Hi fellow carousellers, I know many of you use Smartpacs to sell as it's very convenient. Am letting go 20 Smartpac boxes for just $74. Price at the post office would be $94. Meaning, it's just $3.70 per box, even cheaper than the post office's price for Smartpac Lite which fits only 1kg and is just an envelope, not box (refer to pic 3 for prices of Smartpacs offered at post offices). Why buy it: - FREE packagings (paper bags, polymailers, etc.) - Save $20 - Even cheaper than post office's price of Smartpac Lite (envelope that fits only 1 kg) - If you ask your buyers to top up for Smartpac box, you'll earn $1 each. Even if you ask your buyers to top up for only Smartpac Lite, and you help them upgrade to box, you'll still earn - Could use it for up to 3kg of items - More space for items in box - It's safer (cus it's a box and will not get lost) - More protection for items in box - Looks more professional - No expiry date; non-perishable Letting go at a loss for your gain as am moving out of SG. It's honestly very worth it if you'd do the calculations. And they have no expiry date and are non-perishable so you could use it whenever you need. Plus, no more need to queue at post offices! Do grab this awesome bargain (: #smartpac #box #boxes #mail #mailing #parcel #post #postage #sell #selling #envelope #envelopes #bag #bags #gift #gifts #summer40 #polymailer