Ideal For Grabcar And Uber Drivers. Smelly Car Aircon? or Dirty Car Cabin?


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For UBER or GRAB cars or other rented cars via rental companies Second hand or used cars purchases Get rid of bad smell from within your car. Carpet, Aircon, seats These are caused by dirt, dust, spills, dead leaves and grass. Make your car smell new again Package 1: Air-con FILTER cleaning (NO REPLACEMENT) - Remove, clean, sanitisation, and reinstalment of your current air filter. - Sanitisation of the external air vents that leads into your cabin - Cleaning of aircon filter is essential as it traps dirt and dust so no matter how clean your car interior is, so long the filter is dirty, you will be breathing in contaminated air plus most don’t remember when was the last time they change it - Changing the filter is essential as well but most just replace the filter (or so it seems). Anyway replacing filter is only for trapping particles, sanitizing the filter is also equally important - Mold, fungus and mildew build up very easily in Singapore weather which is humid and hot. So imagine breathing in all these in the recycled air within your car cabin... Yuckie doodle! - What most didn't know is that this can be hazardous for health. However, most filter can last longer than what the mechanic tells you with the right maintenance and cleaning. - 15.00 Package 2: Unknown to most, interior of the car such as carpets, ceiling, seats etc retain smells of previous owners or passengers. - Vacuuming - Cleaning Carpet - Cleaning Seats - Cleaning Car Boot - Sanitision of the in car fabric such as seats and carpet to get rid of smells - 19.00 Package 3: - Leather and plastic treatment and protection in the car cabin. - Make your dashboard squeaky shiny and look like new - For seats, door interior and dashboard only - 15.00 Drive with confidence and pride One time service goes a long way and last you months. Clean at your location Disclaimer: - On location within Singapore - May take a few session if the vehicle is extremely dirty - For passenger car or small van only Please let me know your 1. Car model and year in advance. 2. Location or address 3. Convenient timing - preferably late morning or around afternoon sheltered area or after 8pm at an airy environment 4. Ample space to leave the car door open for cleaning Whole process may take 15-60 mins depending on the package and car size. Make sure NO valuables are in the car such as cash card or such as I will take no responsibility for any loss. Tags below please ignore ———— mercedes volvo audi volkswagen bmw jaguar nissan toyota subaru mitsubishi daihatsu grab uber rental

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