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For the 8th-9th of July 2017, we are having a clearance sale for this product due to turnover purposes! - $4.50 mailed - $4 mailed if the deal takes less than an hour to process PM ME! Nintendo Accessories DIY Bundle *We are willing to match our competitors' prices, just provide us with an SS, and we will try to match it* Products and Prices (Inclusive of mailing): - Assorted Crystal Cases for the 3DS, 3DS XL, N3DS, N3DS XL; $5 - Crystal Case for the 2DS; $8 - TPU Case for the N3DS XL; $7.9 - Screen Protectors for the 3DS, 3DS XL, N3DS, N3DS XL; $2.50 - Screen Protectors for the 2DS; $3 - Stylus for the 3DS XL; $2 (Comes in Red, White, Black, Blue) - Stylus for the N3DS, N3DS XL; $2.50 (Comes in Black and White) - USB cable compatible for the 3DS, 3DS XL, N3DS, N3DS XL; $3 - Soft Foam Pouch compatible with the 3DS XL, N3DS XL; $5 - Dust cap compatible with the 3DS, 3DS XL, N3DS, N3DS XL; $4.90 Tell us what you need, and we will create a bundle just for you! (If you need any other things that i've listed, let me know we can create a hybrid bundle for you too!) Mailing information - Free SingPost normal mail - Will be mailed in a polymailer to Ensure that it does not come into contact with water while it's making its way to you - Mailing proof will be provided - Will be mailed on the same day as transfer is made Disclaimer: - I am not liable for any loss of mail as well as damages after I mailed it as it is beyond my control - Item sold is non-refundable or exchangeable *Purchase with purchase promo* - We usually charge mailing for orders under 10, as well as $0.50 each for cable coil protectors, but for purchase with purchase, you can purchase any quantity at 0.40 each with the cost of mailing covered by us! :) - PM me to find out what colours I have left! Tags: usb charger cable New 3DS xl Nintendo console charger portable power bank good quality best egg gaming game games Crystal Case Pokemon Monster hunter final fantasy charger ac adapter xiaomi oppo android apple iphone ip7 ip6 apple switch 3DS XL LL NEW NINTENDO POKEMON DIGIMON CRYSTAL CASE HARVEST MOON SCREEN PROTECTOR HORI USB CHARGER CHARGING PORTABLE QUALITY SOFT POUCH WRIST NEW BRAND NEW SALE CHEAP TPU CASE 2DS CRYSTAL CASE DUST PLUG

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