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Rare Lp Thuad, Wat Prasat. BE2506 (Encased in real thai gold casing) In the year B.E.2506, Wat Prasat was almost totally destroyed by a fire which broke out in the temple. After the massive damage was done, a mass chanting ceremony was organised to help raise funds for the rebuilding of the temple. Many types of amulets were consecrated and they were chanted twice in B.E.2506. The chanting was first held continuously for 3 days and 3 nights from the 6th to 9th of March B.E.2506. The second time was held for 4 days and 4 nights from the 13th to 15th of November B.E.2506. Some of the basic components in the amulet consist of: - Broken fragments of Somdej Wat Bangkhunphrom - Soil from 4 holy places of the Buddha's time - Mineral ore - Phong Itije (Prosperity), Phong Maharaj, Phong Puttamang - Nur Din (Soil) - See Pheung (Lip Wax) - Wahn Jampasak (Power, Authority, Prestige) - Raw Leklai (metal charm believed to melt at candle temperature) - Holy metal plates that were used to write Yantras   Hundreds of monks attended the blessing ceremony including some of the most famous monks ever known in Thai history, making these amulets simply some of the very best that money can buy, what’s more they are still sensibly priced. Amulet were made from a mixture of very auspicious components including fragments of many ancient amulets, Somdej BangKhunProm, Somdej Wat Rakhang and Luang Phor Thuad B.E.2497. Monks involved are such as : LP Nak of Wat Rakhang LP Hin of Wat Rakhang Pra Ajahn Tim of Wat Chang Hai LP Toh of Wat Praduchimplee LP Ngern of Wat Don-yai-hom LP Pae of Wat Pikultong LP Tim of Wat Lahan-rai LP Jong of Wat Nartangnok LP Perm of Wat Klangbangkaew LP Tae of Wat Sam-Ngam LP Doo of Wat Sakae LP Top of Wat Chondan LP Daeng of Wat Khaobandai-it LP Mui of Wat Donrai LP Kuay of Wat Kositaram LP Prom of Wat Chongkair LP Thongsook of Wat Sapansoong LP Klai of Wat Suan Kun LP Dit of Wat Paksra LP Noi of Wat Dharmasala LP Nai of Wat Banjang LP Keaw of Wat Songbon LP Si of Wat Sakair LP Boi of Wat Manao LP Num of Wat Donsala LP Seng of Wat Kalaya LP Tira of Wat Parlaylai LP Boonmi of Wat Kaosamorkorn LP Rian of Wat Bang-rahong LP Kern of Wat Sungko LP Cham of Wat Nualnoradit LP Nor of Wat Klangtarur LP Pol of Wat Tiantut LP Tor of Wat Namatoom LP Chern of Wat Yansen LP Sood of Wat Kalong LP Nerng of Wat Julamani LP Ki of Wat Hoochang LP Kaew of Wat Chonglom LP Gun of Wat Khaokaew LP Tongyoo of Wat Mai-nongpa-ong LP Toon of Wat Bhotinimit Jaokun Jia of Wat Bhoti Jaokun Prayat of Wat Suthat LP Dee of Wat Nuer LP Kak of Wat Huakhao LP Yim of Wat Jaojed LP Ming of Wat Gok LP Hiang of Wat Par LP Juan of Wat Nongsoom LP Un of Wat Prayat LP Tium of Wat Kasatratirach LP Sorn of Wat Singsarng LP Tan of Wat Dharmsen LP Tian of Wat Bost LP Nin of Wat Kornburi LP Tong-yoo of Wat Tasao LP Budda of Wat Klangchoosri LP Mian of Wat Bhotikajao Price : $SOLD (Non-Nego) Comes with Real Thai gold casing and G-Pra cert. Thanks

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