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Sony Wireless Audio UTX-B03 Transmitters and Lavaliers -



Frequency :566 to 630 MHz Sony UTX-B03 Integrated Digital Wireless Bodypack Transmitter with Lavalier Microphone ECM-V1BMP Electret Condenser Lavalier Digital Companding Circuitry Automatic Channel Scanning Selectable Mic/Line Input Adjustable Attenuator USB Power and Battery Charging Tone Squelch Suppression Circuitry Simultaneous Multi-Channel Operation UWP and WL-800 Series Compatibility Other related product UWP-D11 - SGD 790 Sony UWP-D11 Integrated Digital Wireless Bodypack Lavalier Microphone System UWP-D12 - SGD 790 Sony UWP-D12 Integrated Digital Wireless Handheld Microphone ENG System UWP-D16 - SGD 1099 Sony UWP-D16 Integrated Digital Plug-On & Lavalier Combo Wireless Microphone System URX-P3D SGD 1039 URX-P03D 2-Channel Portable Receiver UTX-B03 SGD 488 UTX-B03 Transmitters and Lavaliers SMAD-P3D SGD 105 Optional SMADP3D Multi-Interface Shoe Adapter work with Sony Camcorder only UTX-M03 (mic) 526 Sony UTX-M03 Integrated Digital Handheld Wireless Microphone Transmitter Other available bundles Sony Bundle A consists of 1 x URX-P3D (Dual Channel Receiver) & 1x UTX-B03 (Transmitter and Lavalier) Ideal for owner who has already Own a UWP-D11 with Frequency : 566 to 630 MHz Sony Bundle B Contains 2 Channel receiver URX-P3D & 1x Wireless handheld UTX-M03 (mic) Sony Wireless audio Bundle C Contains 1 x Dual wireless Receiver URX-P3D, 1 x Body belt with Lavalier UTX-B03 & 1x Wireless handheld UTX-M03 (mic) Frequency : 566 to 630 MHz Sony Bundle D Contains 1 x URX-P3D ( Dual Channel Receiver) & 2x UTX-B03 ( Transmitter) Optional/ Additional Purchase Sony SMAD-P3D Multi-Interface Shoe Wireless Audio Adapter for 2 channel Receiver URX-P3D Sony Dual channel audio Receiver URX-P03D 2-Channel Portable Receiver / URX-P3D Sony Wireless Audio UTX-B03 Transmitters and Lavaliers

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2019 Nov

Amazing seller! Second time purchasing a product from them and they never fail to deliver (: Fast replies and swift transaction! Will be buying from them again soon 🙂