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Price : $34 each, (Price does not include battery. Batteries sold separately) Now with UK 3pin plug power adapter. Combo Price : $32 for charger if purchased with 2 x 18650 batteries from us. Price does not include batteries. Nett Price, no discount Add $3 for standard mail, Add $5 for registered mail. For Ta-Q-Bin, add $7. In Stocks. Stocks in Singapore. # Authorised Soshine Agent.# Self collect at Blk.384 Tampines St.32. (morning till 5pm by appt.) SMS me at 9666-8847 or Email me at *Bank Transfer to my POSB Saving Account 049-01154-7 Description : This is a brand new Genuine Soshine H2 V2 Battery Charger with LCD Screen (2017 model). This all-in-one simple to use complete package charger includes the mains power supply (100-240V 50/60Hz), a USB cable, and a 12V car power adapter. You don't have to pay additional for these. Note the new 2017 packaging. The All In One Fast Charger - Soshine H2V2; - % Charged : Shows you the exact % charged, not just the charging status. Many other chargers show just the charging status but not the % charged. - Capacity Charged (mAh) : Shows you the capacity that you charged into the battery. You may use this feature to check the real capacity of your battery. Many chargers don't show the capacity you charged in. - Fast Charging : Charging your 18650 batteries at 1A per slot in a safe manner. Many dual slot chargers are charging at 0.5A per slot which means half the speed of Soshine H2V2. - Complete package : Soshine H2v2 comes complete with the 12V power adapter, 12V car adapter and USB cable. You don't have to pay for the power adapter. Some chargers, you need to pay for the power adapters as it's optional, else your charging will not be optimised. Only Soshine H2V2 COMBINES ALL the above main features you need in one charger. This Soshine H2 V2 Intelligent charger is especially designed to charge a range of Li-ion 3.7v, LiFePO4 3.2v and NiMH 1.2v batteries. Quick Note ; - Li-ion 3.7V 26650, 18650, 16340, 18350, 18490, 14500, 10440 - Li-ion 7.4V 6F22/9V - LiIFePO4 3.2V 26650, 18650, 16340, 18350, 18490, 14500, 10440 - NiMH 1.2V C AA AAA - NiMH 8.4V 6F22/9V - Charge Rates 1000mA*2@ Li-ion 3.7V Battery 1000mA*2@ Ni-MH 1.2V Battery 1000mA*2@ LiFePO4 3.2V Battery 300mA@ Ni-MH 8.4V 6F22/9V 450mA@Li-ion 7.4V 6F22/9V - Charger mode:CC / CV (Li-ion Battery/LiFePO4 Battery)/ DELTA V (Ni-MH Battery) Features; - Precision end-of-charge voltage detection - Floating-charge maintains battery in full charge - LCD displays for multi-information, voltage, time, charging percentage, charging capacity (mAh), worse battery and bad battery - LCD Backlit will automatically turn off within 30secs for power saving - Metal plates for charging connection can easily adjust for many different types of battery sizes - Dual Battery Slots/Channels. Can mix charging for different sizes and types of bateries. - 2 Key Individual Operation : Set Charging Mode, Check Battery Status. - 9V/3.7V/3.2V/1.2V battery voltage and polarity detection. - Over charging timeout protection - Auto alert indication for worse battery and bad battery - Power input can use DC12V or Mini USB DC5V for charging - Power input can also use DC6V Photoelectric cell panel for charging - Auto active function for Lithium battery cell open (0 Voltage) Specifications : - Manually selectable for Li-ion and Li-FePO4 Charging Mode, intelligently detect NiMH / NiCd Battery Cell. - Battery type : 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion battery, 3.2V rechargeable LiFePO4 battery, 1.2V NiMH/NiCd rechargeable cell, 9V Li-ion /NiMH battery. - Protection : short circuit, polarity and defective battery detection - Power input : 12 VDC 1A/ USB 5V DC 2A/ DC 6V 10W Photoelectric cell panel - Charge mode : constant current first then constant voltage (cc/cv) - Cut-off voltage : 4.2V 80mA @ Li-ion Battery 3.6V 80mA @ LiFe PO4 Battery (-ΔV/ ∑ΔV) @ NiMH/ NiCd Battery 8.4V @ Li-ion 6F22/9V Battery (-ΔV/ ∑ΔV) @ NiMH/ NiCd 6F22/9V Battery - Output : 1000mAx2 @ Li-ion / LiFePo4 Battery 500mAx2 @ NiMH / NiCd Battery 450mA @ Li-ion 6F22/9V Battery 300mA @ NiMH / NiCd 6F22/9V Battery - Standby current : DC 5V 10mA / 12 VDC 30mA - 2 Battery compartment dimension : diameter 26mm, maximum length 72mm, minimum length 32mm. - Operating temperature : 0℃~ +55℃ - Storage temperature: -25℃ ~ +70℃ Instruction : This H2 V2 2 slots intelligent charger can connect to supplied AC power adapter or 5V DC USB supply (USB cable supplied) or DC 12V car cigarette lighter adapter for charging. After power on, the LCD display shows [Stby] character, and the backlit will light on about 30secs. The charger is now on standby mode and can insert a Li-ion battery or NiMH/NiCd rechargeable battery for charging. If you are charging LiFePO4 rechargeable battery, please use the Function Key to select the Charging Mode, 6F22/9V rechargeable battery is automatically detected and select the charging mode. (Refer to the Key Description) - Move and slide the moveable negative metal plate to fit the battery. - Insert the battery into the charging compartment, then move and slide the moveable metal plate to fit the battery size. Make sure the polarity of battery is correct and in good contact. - The charger will automatically detect the voltage and polarity of the battery, and auto select a suitable condition for charging. - Once the connection has been verified by the charger, the battery icon and 5 bars of the LCD display will run and light up to indicate that the charging process has started. After 5 cycles, the level icon will stop and indicate the percentage level for a few time. After charging is completed, the battery icon and the 5 bars stops running and all light on. - If charging after a period, the LCD display shows [FAIL] characters and battery icon flash, the rechargeable battery may be faulty and need replacing. - The charger will turn off automatically when the battery is full owing to the function of the microprocessor. - If for any reason the battery does not exhibit the right "battery full" characteristics, the integrated safety time or maximum charging capacity terminates the charging procedure. - When charging 6F22/9V rechargeable battery, you must use the 12V adapter and charger will automatically select the suitable charging mode to 9V battery connection, and other battery slots will stop operation. - Not to select LiFePO4 when charging Li-ion batteries otherwise charging won’t be complete. The Function Key Description : The function key description is shown on the instruction manual enclosed in the box. The Function Key has 3 functions; 1. Set the charging mode 2. Activate the backlit light on 3. Check the battery status when charging > To set the charging mode, after power on and before inserting any battery, press the Function Key on the charger. The LCD display shows [Ion] character will change to [FEP] character. [Ion] means charging mode for Li-ion battery, [FEP] means charging mode for LiFePO4 battery. NiMH and NiCd battery charging mode is automatically selected. > The LCD backlit will automatically turn off within about 30secs after the light turn on every time. Press any key to activate the backlit again for 30secs. > When the battery is charging, you can check how much capacity is charged into the battery by pressing the corresponding Function Key, the corresponding LCD display will change the Timer function to the Capacity function. More details at Important Safety Instructions : Read all the instructions and cautions before using the charger. Use rechargeable battery ONLY. Using other batteries will void the warranty and cause injury and damage. Do not use any power adapter or damaged adapter or cord and plug from 3rd parties for charging. Do not disassemble the charger and power adapter; this may cause electric shock or fire. Do not use the charger when it is wet. Do not leave the battery pack connected to the charger or plate for prolonged period. Remove the battery after charging is completed. Unplug the charger when it is not in use. Keep batteries away from fire, water, or extreme condition. Do not charge overnight or leave the charger on unattended. Package Contents; - 1 x Soshine H2-V2 Battery Charger with LCD Screen - 1 x UK 3Pin Plug Power Adapter - 1 x 12V Car Cigarette Power Adapter - 1 x USB charging cable Tags : # 18650 battery, charger, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, flat top, high drain, Soshine SC-S7, battery charger, 2 slots 18650 charger, H2V2, Soshine H2 V2

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