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Weight : Rishabadevar - 2.95kg Measurement : Total Height Including Base : rishabadevar 9 inches, parvathy 8.2inches Design: Antique Imitation Composition: Zinc,Copper,Gold,Lead,Tin Strictly no Low offers like $ 100 or $200. If u cannot collect please do not enquire. Lord shiva avatar is Rishabadevar: The original rishabhadevar artwork is made at eleventh century. It is one of the top ten chola empire artifact. It has been replicated ever since. Lord shiva takes on the avatar of a cowherd and this bronze sculpture exhibits him standing with his left leg over the other, left hand in mid air leaning on the now absent bull rishaba ( shivas vehicle commonly called Nandi) The statue depicts shiva in a lithe form and his upper body is exposed like the typical cowherd. The detailing of this piece is in his matted tresses which over lap and positioned that it looks like a turban when viewed.. The deity here is represented as a peasant and a cowherd. The chandrakala (moon) and a cobra are seen entwined in his matted hair. This statue has well chiselled features with a pleasant visage. As per shiva's traditional iconography his third eye is ever present in the forehead and he is decked with multiple necklaces. He is seen wearing an under cloth of befitting schematic folds and a waist belt with a clasp.

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Yew Tee MRT Station (NS5), Singapore

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