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Soviet Tanks in Combat 1941-1945: The T-28, T-34, T34-85, T-44 Medium Tanks (Armor At War Series) by Steven J. Zaloga, Jim Kinnear, Andrey Aksenov & Aleksandr Koshchavtsev, 72 pages, Concord Publication (World War 2 Armoured History Reference Non-Fiction)


5 months ago by kelkris030303








A very rare specialised pictorial book pertaining to the subject on hand. Hard to get now and expensive if you can find one in good condition as this. A great book for the avid war enthusiast who have gone through all the wordy narratives of war books and knows everything there is about the wars that were fought, the equipment used, their specs and now, just want to sit back, relax and look at pictures. This book does just that... a vast collection of photos by private and army journalist released for public viewing, providing an insight of the different tanks, odd variants, how they were deployed, the camo, the desperate situations, the soldiers manning these armored vehicles, the ammo placement, the terrain they are used in, the supporting vehicles, the action shots and damage sustained. It is jam packed with page after page of rare photos that are both carefully selected and properly captioned. These photos are so rare and in such great quality, you would not have seen them around, compared to most other contemporary war books that you may have read that keep regurgitating and re-using all the photos that other books have already used before. This book is also a great reference for modellers to learn and provide ideas based on real life photos about how to weather their models, the markings on the models and what they mean, deployment stance, damage pictures, how to camo, painting that will be useful when planning for a diorama with many ideas that can be reaped from the dynamic war time environments showcased in all the real life photos. Overall Condition: Clean, dust free and in pristinely crisp condition. Extremely well kept and looks just like new. Overall condition rating 9/10. Cover Condition: Soft cover in excellent state, no dents from book drop, bends, scratches or stains. Page Condition: Excellent with no crease, tear, missing page, scribbling, dog ears, writing, stains. * PLEASE CHECK OUT MY PHOTOS ATTACHED TO UNDERSTAND THE CONDITION Do note that I will not be entertaining refunds/exchanges once item is bought. Item sold "as is" based on: 1. Photos attached 2. Listing's term & condition 3. Question & answer via Carousell's chat function 4. Physical check during meet up Use these avenues for clarification before confirming your purchase after which there will be no recourse for any issues the buyer were to discover after the sale. Thank you for viewing.

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