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CLOSED Speak yourself bts merch po


1 month ago by mochikkins






* Those who have already ordered and paid BEFOREHAND, these prices DO NOT apply. I would have already messaged you, and stated the pricing accordingly * A NON REFUNDABLE under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES deposit (commission)must be given to secure a slot * PAYMENT METHODS: Paynow, cod, bank transfer, cash deposit * If I find that you are being in any way unreasonable or rude, I have the right to remove your slot without refund * I will be queuing overnight, thus please do not bother me with messages pleading for me to queue earlier. I am a human, and to queue up a night in the cold I think is quite reasonable for the prices I’m setting * Do not question my prices - I will be using it to TOP UP my BAGGAGE. If you have had any experience flying, you should know that it isn’t cheap. * Due to prevent reselling, one person limited to a quantity of one per type of item, limited to 3 shirts, 2 hoodies, 3 only-available-in US, EU, UK merchandise, 5 small merch items and 1 tour logo item * 3 slots per item, fastest to pay gets first slot ( priority to people who have paid me beforehand for my other listing and confirmed with me the type of item ordering ) * If a limit of items is imposed, first few slots will have priority * I will notify you if the item you want I can’t help you get for whatever reason (sold out, limit of slots). You will be required to exchange to other items or not, but deposit will not be refunded Do search up pictures of the merch on twitter/Facebook, as I will not respond to pms asking for the pics I am not including some of the items in the merch list, as I will be helping friends buy so please do not ask for them ** prices bracketed are based on the us pricing, pricing can be changed, but if you have paid, it is the same Official merchandise: Army bomb ($82) Army bomb case ($58) Army bomb ring ($38) Slogan ($46) Small merchandise: Premium photo ($35) Mini flag ($25) Garland ($40) Photo frame ($55) Keyring ($40) Non-logo shirts: Bts image ver 1, ver 2 ($65) Bts logo black, white ($65) Ver 3 black ($65) Ver 4 black ($65) Long sleeved: Bts logo white, black ($85) Only available in US, EU, UK: T-shirt- Registered photo ($65) Speak yourself brushed ($65) Heart ($65) Watercolor name ($65) Reflective symbol ($68) Sketch ($65) Speak yourself overlay ($65) Rainbow photo ($65) Worldwide photo ($65) Hoodies- Image grey ($130) Sketch ($130) Love yourself cropped ($130) Long sleeved- Ink wash ($86) Filmstrip ($86) Joggers ($89) Tour logo merch Ver 1 white, black ($70) Ver 2 ($70) Ver 3 ($70) Hoodie zipped ($138) Hoodie ($135)

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teewaitrackrlly nice seller!!! thank you for the albums !!
1 month ago
lotaee.worldThank you for the fast & smooth deal!! Hope we more
2 months ago
jeon_taekookvery friendly seller and is very prompt with her more
3 months ago