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I am introducing a series of speaker cables, based on performance level and budget. Suitable for Main speakers, Center speakers, or surround speakers. This is the #3C in the series. SPK 3C/7 - 8TC 16 conductors 6N DIY speaker cables These cables are handcrafted using the finist materials and parts. 8TC DIY SPEAKER CABLE Suitable for normal 2-2 normal or 2-4 biwire configuration Specifications: 8TC Low loss fluorocarbon dielectric Teflon insulator 7 specifically selected strand gauges within one conductor made from hyper-pure copper The aggregate wire size is equivalent to two #9 AWG conductors. 16 wire VariStrand copper conductors arrange in a large format braid 6N (99.9999% copper) Hyper pure copper Suitable for long runs Possible to change to other terminations such as: Y forked spades Pins CMC banana plugs (top up $6) Price is for a pair of cables for 2 speakers normal 2-2 configuration in Pailiccs Banana Plugs 1.0m - PROMOTION PRICE $77 1.5m - see listed price as base price 2.0m - $146 2.5m - $179 3.0m - $199 5.0m - $309 8.0m - $479 10 m - $568 12 m - $659 15 m - $789 To change to Biwiring,, depending on your setup, please request Left: 2--4, Right 2--4 (for Pailiccs Banana Plugs or Y-Spades or Pins :add $9, for CMC Banana Plugs: add $13) Pre-order only, please allow 2 -3 weeks for delivery. Not for urgent buyers. @thecarousell #CarousellSG #Carousell #MaiTuLiao

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