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SS Artillerie Regiment 4: SS Polizei Division - A Study of German Artillery by Gordon Rottman & Stephen Andrew, 52 pages, Concord Publication *Vintage & Hard to Find* (World War 2 History Reference Non-Fiction)


4 months ago by kelkris030303








A very rare *specialised* pictorial book pertaining to the subject title. This is not the normal run-on-the-mill war book. Specialised... cos they contain uniquely curated rare photographs screened by professional editors on the subject from archives of private collectors and wartime combat journalists who ran the ground alongside soldiers. You get to see all perspectives up close. Photos that are off focus, comes with doubtful, undiscernible remarks, unverifiable tags that cannot be verified at print time are all omitted from the book. So what you get are sharp, clear pictures and reliable, detailed and compelling captions. This book can bring out all sorts of emotions from the awe of the machinery and advances in technology working together with soldiers to the fear, pain, suffering, desperation, jubilance, relief faced by the soldiers as the tide turns in or against their favour. You know the quality of this book when you hold one. Every page comes in thick and heavy grammage gloss art paper that brings out the clarity of the photos on print. Published between 2000-2007, these Concord Publications are considered vintage but the pages are still able to resist deterioration > 10 years on! That speaks tons on quality. Hard to get now and expensive if you can find one that is in a mint condition as this. A great book for the avid war enthusiast who have gone through all the wordy narratives of war books and knows everything there is about the wars that were fought, the equipment that were used, their specs and now would just want to sit back, relax and look at pictures! :) This book does just that... the vast collection of rare and mostly unpublished photos, provides an insight on the different equipment, variants, how they were deployed, the camouflage, the desperate situations, the soldiers manning these equipment & armored vehicles in action and at ease, the ammo and auxiliary equipment placement, the terrain they are used in, the supporting vehicles involved, the action shots and damage sustained. This book also provide a great reference for modellers to learn, understand and obtain inspirational ideas based on real life photos about how to weather their models, the markings on the models and what they mean, deployment stance, damage pictures, equipment modifications, how to camouflage the model beyond painting, terrain effects and features, painting and textures that will be useful when planning for a diorama with ideas that can be reaped from the many dynamic war time environments showcased by the photos. Overall Condition 9/10. Clean, dust free and in pristinely crisp condition. Extremely well kept and looks just like new. Soft cover in excellent state with no dents from book drop, bends, scratches or stains. Inside of back cover show minor signs of yellowing but otherwise all in superb condition. Page are in excellent condition with no crease, tear, missing page, scribbling, dog ears, writing, stains. * PLEASE CHECK OUT MY PHOTOS ATTACHED TO UNDERSTAND THE CONDITION Do note that I will not be entertaining refunds/exchanges once item is bought. Item sold "as is" based on: 1. Photos attached 2. Listing's term & condition 3. Question & answer via Carousell's chat function 4. Physical check during meet up Use these avenues for clarification before confirming your purchase after which there will be no recourse for any issues the buyer were to discover after the sale. Thank you for viewing.

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