Standing Strong: How to Resist the Enemy of Your Soul by John MacArthur - Self Enrichment Book


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Standing Strong: How to Resist the Enemy of Your Soul by John MacArthur (Paperback) Very Good Condition, Clean, Unmarked, comes with plastic book cover. Description: Spiritual warfare is a divisive subject for today’s church. Some Christians focus solely on the immediate world around them, living as if there’s no spiritual opposition to God’s people and His kingdom. Others take an aggressive stance, where confronting the enemy becomes a constant pursuit in their lives. John MacArthur believes the truth is found between these extremes. Standing Strong offers a balanced, biblically sound approach to spiritual warfare in the life of a believer. A trusted and renowned pastor and author, MacArthur examines key scriptures to debunk modern fallacies, define true spiritual warfare, and share what that looks like for believers today. Throughout, you’ll be encouraged and equipped to stand strong in the face of every spiritual challenge. *Guide included for Group Discussion and Personal Reflection. Amazon Book Review: 1) Solid Teaching on Spiritual Warfare - By Pastor Eric Spiritual warfare is a subject to which much attention has been given. Unfortunately, most literature on the topic strays from the clear teaching of scripture into subjective conjecture. Individuals speak about proper procedures for casting out demons and the manner in which a conversation with demons is to be conducted. Others see Satan behind every situation in their life, from car trouble to bad moods. These murky waters of spiritual warfare can leave one confused and overwhelmed. Clearly the forces of darkness are at work within this world and seek to stall the sovereign plans of God, yet the wacky and weird practices advocated by some hold more in common with witchcraft than a witness for Christ. Is it possible for a believer to know what is right and what is wrong in this crucial aspect of spiritual life? John MacArthur provides the answer in his book. 2) Very good book. Highly recommended - By Kelly O. Excellent book. Very concise and yet fully backed up with solid evidence from the Bible. His use of scripture in explaining what is meant by God, is great. Highly recommended for anyone. It is not a hard read, but to fully grasp it, you may need to read it, let it soak in, and re-read it. I read it in it's entirety on a 3 hour flight, so it is not a laborious read. Good book !!!

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