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STARK in Zircon Blue - foptics Eyewear - Prescription Glasses in Singapore







This iconic frame will make you love it 3000. Available with prescription gradient lenses or clear lenses. WhatsApp us at 87556870 to find out more. Click on the link below to use the Lens Selector and choose the perfect lenses for your needs (or want). Click on the link below for our full, transparent price list. Expect a price shock for sure, in a good way! Prices includes any spectacle frame : ✔️Frame at only $15.90 ✔️BluShield protection lens, no degree $25.90 ✔️1.56 Hi-index Degree lens $35.90 ✔️1.60 Hi-index BluShield lens with degree $49.90 ✔️1.67 Hi-index (thinner lens) $49.90 ✔️1.67 Hi-index (thinner lens) BluShield lens with degree $69.90 ✔️1.74 Hi-index (thinnerest lens) $119.90 ✔️1.74 Hi-index (thinnerest lens) BluShield lens with degree $149.90 foptics's 1.60 hi-index anti blue light lenses effectively block out radiation and blue light from computer screens, and offers UV400 protection both indoors and outdoors. Give your eyes protection from the harmful blue light emitted from all digital screens and reduce fatigue at the same time. More productive at works means more time for play! Did we mention that it also looks great? 💬 Let us know of any other lens needs you have too! (Photochromic lenses, sunglasses colour lenses, gradient lenses etc) Get yours now with free hard case (no mailing worries) and cleaning cloth. Not sure of your degree? Click on the link below to book an eye exam on us! (don't worry, sure pass one) Still got more questions? Just ask only!

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Love my spectacle!!🥰🥰 Will order more in future..👍🏻👍🏻