Stationery / Ruler - BNIB Metal Model ruler for Singapore Primary School Math modal drawing


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Metal Model Rule (Modal ruler) ideal for Primary school math modeling. I'm parent of 2 primary school going kids, they use model rule alot in their math class. The model ruler they purchased were made of plastic and not durable, breaking a few over the months.  There were posts in various forums with parents expressing same experience. I started looking out for a model ruler that can last and found none, taking matter in my own hand, I decided to look for supplier that can make some and here is the result. It's a model ruler build with lightweight stainless steel that can last.... I've also incoporated some enhancement to the layout, allowing easy drawing of dividing lines in the model boxes. It double up as a normal ruler with markings on the edge. May kids loving the new ruler and I'm putting it up here so that other parents and kids with same need can have it too.

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