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STEFANPLAST FURBA TOP CHIC – INDOOR TOILET WITH FILTER FOR CATS Stefanplast Furba Top Chic – very convenient and practical toilet for cats in the form of a house made of high-quality, non-toxic plastic. In it, your pet will feel comfort and security from the outside world. It consists of four components: an upper part with a revolving door, two bottom pallets and an upper pallet with a grate, which are fastened by means of latches. The upper tray has a mesh bottom, through which the filler is sifted, while solid waste remains on the grate and is easily removed without using a scoop. The screened filler can be used again. Also the toilet is equipped with a carbon filter, which keeps the air clean in the room and does not allow to penetrate unpleasant smells. Features of Stefanplast Furba Top Chic: Has an ergonomic streamline shape Made of durable non-toxic plastic Top with revolving door and handle Toilet with triple tray and double cleaning system, which saves filler Suitable for a compacting filler that is easily sifted through the grate of the upper pallet The carbon filter neutralizes unpleasant smells Easily disassembled and collected Perfectly washed and absolutely does not smell In the future, a replaceable carbon filter can be purchased separately. Dimensions: 59 x 39 x 43 cm (length x width x height) Color: sky blue / gray. Stefanplast, Italy

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