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Stem Cell Therapy (HealthTalk Free) 24th June 2017


1 year ago by smartshopperdreams




Stem Cell Therapy (HealthTalk Free) Date : 24th June 2017 (Sat) Time : 3.30pm Venue : Mountbatten Square Intro video : Event is only through Reservation. Registration Free for 1st 10 guest via In recent years, stem cell therapy has gained much popularity in the treatments of various areas such as cancer, hereditary disease and deterioration of aging effects The way stem cell regeneration is used to repair and treat muscle and tissue injuries is nothing short of a revolution but not miracle Find out the facts from the myth. Topics for discussion in 1st half ✔ Origins of stell cell therapy ✔ Clinical trials used in treatment ✔ Testimonials of case studies In the 2nd half session, Live demo segment, using solubility simulation to compare & contrast the advertised efficacy of various products. Information is key to making well informed decision on cancer treatment because prevention is simply better than cure. stem cell therapy is described as life Changing by many of the case studies.Discover yourself on how you can reap the benefits of stem cell based technology today! 🙆🙋

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