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Basically its a lock that prohibits other people from meddling your bike while u are away. with sufficient (probably long) time, people with tools can probably destroy it. hence I am also promoting the handle lock with this. Prices are negotiable if you purchase a it with this. comes with 2 keys. Keep your bike, motorcycle, bicycle, motorbike, scooter, electric scooter safe in Malaysia or Singapore from thieves. Picture 1, $20 is a lock with a alarm. Picture 2, $10 is the most basic one Picture 3, $15 shows the spring for you to place it on the handle so you wont accidentally ride with it in place, comes with the lock in picture 2 Picture 4, $28 Veison disk lock, Taiwan technology. unique keys, light, waterproof, shock proof, drill proof, cut proof Tags: emergency box tools, wrench, handlebar, end, cap 15w50 10w40 brush lub lube maintenance, service, maintain servicing, clean lubricate electric bike, motorbike, motorcycle, bicycle scooter, power, race, racing, 2b 2a 2 class, arai shoei dot agv full face half helmet modular flip up bags bag, touring carting, motorcross, cross country road trips

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