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🙋Hi ! We are selling wig / hairclip (hair extension) / ponytail / ombre hairclip or ombre ponytail with affordable price and best quality compared to others ! 💁we are the suppliers originally from Korea ! not malaysia, china, taobao, etc ! You can buy our product and compared with others brand :) 💁Basic hairclip most of the times are instocks ! please chat us for the available stocks 💁Ombre hairclip / ponytail only some instocks, mostly need pre order 💁For all pre orders, deposit at least half of total amount is needed to avoid dead buyer 💁We do meet up (at our convinience) and mail service (price is not included mailing fee) and we do not responsible for any lost mails 💁This account is being operated by me and my boyfriend. for meet up mostly will be with my boyfriend because I'm studying overseas. 👉Get your instant long hair, more hair volume and thicker hair ! 👉 Stuffs and Price : 🙋OMBRE HAIR EXTENSION $20.00 (for normal colour BLC brand) , $22 (for normal colour REVO brand) , $23 (for natural colour REVO brand), $25 (for unicorn colour). FYI : REVO brand is thicker than BLC brand but the quality are the same, at bugis they sell REVO brand for $35-$72 you can check them out :) 🙋BASIC HAIR EXTENSION ALL COLOURS {black / dark brown / light brown} & ALL TYPE (wavy / straight / curly) $18.00 (for midlength 40cm and normal length 60cm), $22 (for extra long 75cm) 🙋PONY TAIL ALL BASIC COLOURS $15.00 (black / dark brown / light brown) 🙋PONY TAIL ALL OMBRE COLOURS $17.00 🙋 WIG short length $22 🙋 WIG medium length $27 🙋 WIG long length $32 🙋 WIG short / medium / long with ombre touch +$5 🙋🏻 WIG extra long $37 💁 Hair net $2 with any wig purchase or $3 if purchase without wig 💁Special brush for hair clip and wig $10 . Its a metal brush ! 👉🏻I also sell bun and bangs but need pre order. 👉🏻Customized your own wig! (send me the picture) We have been sold hundreds hairclip with affordable price and good quality ! ✍ please take note : our hairclips and hair stuffs are made in KOREA not china / taobao , made from sintetic hair but look alike real hair , not shiny at all! ✍all hairs can be washed gently with shampoo & conditioner . Just let it dry naturally without using hair dryer ✍ all hairs cannot be dyed ✍ all hairs can be straighten or curly using hair styler and pls take note the quality of hair will be decrease after few times styling and there is special technique to style the hairclip Tag : mds, sephora, etude, tcl, tsw, shampoo, loreal, mgm, vgy, agneselle, tos , naked, face shop, body shop, fayth, vaingloriousyou , love bonito, princess, make up for ever, vals, school, beauty, accecories, tracyeinny, temt, zara, f21, clinique, photo session, mac , menow, lolita, cosplay, harajuku , travel , selfie , valentine, christmas, cny, photoshoot, bridal, wedding, MUA, hairdo, hari raya

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