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Succulent Bunny Ears (Monilaria Obconica) Seeds (SOLD OUT)


8 months ago by oishi.bunnies








20 seeds/pack All seeds will come in a resealable plastic zip lock bag. If stored properly, your seeds can last for years! All seed packs contain fresh, 100% true named seeds - there are no fillers or other weeds or seeds mixed in. Successful germination and growth largely depends on growing conditions provided and care given, do not give a bad feedback if your seeds did not sprout or grow well. Free items are strictly complimentary and random. An interesting accent to your home or garden. These succulents are native to South Africa and also thrive a loam-based compost in their container. They are excellent indoor plants, especially when placed on a sun-drenched windowsill. Mix equal parts of cactus mix and perlite. Moisten the mix with water, and fill a pot with drainage holes, up to about 1/2 inch from the top. The best soil for succulents in pots will hold enough water for them to absorb what they need, but still dries out quickly so the roots won’t rot. Succulents absorb water from the air around them, not through direct contact. Constantly sitting in wet soil causes their roots to rot, because they get too much water–eventually, the cells in the roots and leaves fall apart, causing the plant to die. Sprinkle the seeds over the soil. Do not cover with too much soil or the seeds may not germinate. Once the seeds germinate, within three weeks, the seedlings will develop into tiny copies of their parents. After the seeds germinate, don’t water from below as this can rot the tiny roots. Fill a spray bottle with water and mist the soil with it. Try to keep the soil moist throughout the germination period. Cover the pot with plastic wrap or a glass pane to help the soil retain moisture. Good air circulation is essential. They won’t need direct sun all day and should in fact be protected from the direct sun from noon onwards. Expect the seeds to germinate within about two to 12 weeks. Remove the plastic wrap or glass pane once the seeds germinate. Transplant the seedlings to individual pots when the plants start to crowd each other and are big enough to handle, which is usually in a year. Avoid overwatering the seedlings as they grow. Water them once the top 1/4-inch layer of soil is dry. After about three months, allow the soil to dry completely between watering . The best time to water is in the morning so the soil surface can evaporate during the day and dry out the upper levels of soil. If you wish to encourage flowering, add a diluted cactus fertilizer in spring when you commence watering again.

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