Sulwhasoo Herbal Hand-made Soap 70g  韩国雪花秀宫中纯手工制作蜜皂中样70g祛痘印去黑头温和无刺激祛黄


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$15 for 1*70g $28 for 2*70g Sulwhasoo Herbal Soap has the following features: 🍃Formulated with Premium Korean Medicinal Herbs, this cleansing soap is aged for 40-days and made from exclusive concentrations of 6-year-old red ginseng and precious herbs. -🍃 Nutrient rich Korean Red Ginseng1) and traditional herbs including Small Solomonseal2), Chinese Peony3) and Adhesive Rehmannia4) are infused for 12 hours to ensure maximum benefits. 🍃- An extraordinary rich foamy lather softly cleanses and revitalizes the skin. 1) PANAX GINSENG ROOT EXTRACT 2) POLYGONATUM OFFICINALE RHIZOME/ROOT EXTRACT 3) PAEONIA ALBIFLORA ROOT EXTRACT 4) REHMANNIA GLUTINOSA ROOT EXTRACT How to use : When cleansing. Work up rich lather, gently massage on your cheeks, nose, and forehead, and wash off several times with lukewarm water. 如果担心每天使用沐浴露会对健康不利, 那么使用滋润清洁的蜜皂则是理想选择哦~ 泡沫丰富细腻,柔软净化肌肤。  只需少许就打出丰富的泡沫了。 有痘痘和痘印、毛孔粗大、黄气重、 沉暗没光泽、角质层厚的小伙伴可以尝试下。 虽然蜜皂用来洗澡实在是很奢侈! 但是 蜜皂真的是对各种肌肤有效果~ 雪花秀 宫中蜜皂特色功能: 1、滋阴养颜,长期使用帮助肌肤恢复光滑细嫩,给肌肤意想不到的柔嫩 2、排毒祛痘,帮助肌肤排出毒素,消除痘痘,抗痘到底! 3、提亮肤色,提亮肤色,去黄,告别肤色暗沉。 4、收敛毛孔,告别毛孔粗大,还肌肤粉嫩白皙。 5、保湿滋养,具有很强的保湿性,为肌肤补水滋润,邀肌肤畅饮。 适用人群:所有人群,特别是想要洁肤同时祛痘排毒的MM。 适用肌肤:任何肤质 适合年龄:任何年龄 使用方法:取适量揉出丰富的泡沫,由两颊开始轻柔地按摩肌肤后,用清水充分洗净肌肤。因促进了肌肤的循环,会使您感受到更加柔滑的肌肤。 特别说明:注意:名贵药材提取,会有中药味道。不喜欢此味道的MM慎拍哦~

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