Sulwhasoo Snowwise Ex Brighting Cleansing Foam 150ml Free Sulwhasoo Gift ➕Free Normal Mailing 雪花秀滋晶美白泡沫洗面奶 无刺激弱酸性温和保湿深层清洁 男女通用 雪花秀赠品➕包平邮


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Sulwhasoo 🌴Snowise EX Brighting Cleansing Foam FunctionsClarifying & Exfoliating Size150ml 🌴Mild yet dense foam cleanses while maintaining skin hydration and protecting its natural glow 🌴With a pH of 5.0-6.0, the cleanser has a subtle acidity ideal for preserving the natural pH balance of the skin 🌴The subtle acidity of the foam protects the skin’s naturally acidic pH balance, cleansing the skin gently while protecting its delicate balance and natural glow. 🌴Leaves the natural moisture in the skin intact 🌴In addition to removing excess sebum, the foam also hydrates the skin, leaving it glowing even after cleansing. 🌴Dense and rich foam The bouncy and creamy formula turns into a finely-grained and dense foam, making for a gentle, enjoyable cleanse. 🌴Snowise EX brighting Cleansing Foam 150ML 还限量赠送一支洁面刷哦,🈶现货 雪花秀滋晶美白洁面乳,能清除肌肤多余皮脂分泌及死皮,不刺激肌肤及无干涩感,为肌肤提供透亮效果 ❄-弱酸性成分的洁面乳,保持PH值均衡,不具刺激性  ❄-银杏和莲子肉萃取物赋予肌肤活力和水分,洁面后肌肤依然保持水嫩滋润

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