Sum 37 Bubble De Mask. Pore Cleansing. Pore Mimimizing. Pore Smoothing. TOTAL Pore Care. Instant Fairness. Brightening. Lasting Hydration. Oil Balancing. Blackheads. Anti-acne. 4.5ml


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Award winning bubble mask from Korea. This wash-off facial mask has a three-in-one effect: It brightens your complexion, deep-cleans pores and smoothens skin. Your face will look refreshed, clearer and translucent.  1) wash face with water and dry 2) apply all products from a sachet quickly on your face avoid your eyes and away from eyes as it will bubble up 3) leave it for 10-15mins 4) wash wih luke warm, cleanse properl without leaving any residue Buy 5 free 1

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