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Poison for our beloved car! The one in the pics is icy blue 9 led . Picture taken in day time (not nite time ) to show how bright it is . t10 bulb for pole light 1 set : $3 for 1 led smd $5 for 5 led smd $8 for 9 led smd $10 for 13 led smd Available Jdm orange white blue red pink icy blue (the one in the pics ) super bright type $13 for 5 led with projector (white or icy blue) $16 for 10 led with projector (white or icy blue) LED with remote (7 color) can adjust flashing ,normal etc Available for T10 2pcs @$25 Interior Dorm light 2pcs @$25 Leg room 4 side led @ $60 with install H11 fog light 1 set @$40 All can be adjust and use 1 remote control to control all . price for cash and carry unless stated . While stock last . Will test before deal. Cheap mod but I will give Warranty for 1 month P.s : I don't know what is cree and what type led it is . To me is bright , nice and no other reason and sales tactic to jerk price up for the tiny bulb . People who deal with me know it 😇✌ Happy modding ! Updated 31st dec 2017

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